CRTC Rules on Bell Media's Application on Much and M3

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January 25, 2016
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The CRTC has issued its ruling on Bell Media's application to convert its broadcast licences for Much and M3 (as well as a number of other specialty services) into Category B licences.

As you may recall, CIMA submitted an intervention opposing Bell Media's request, and did so on behalf of 10 other music industry organizations (CCMIA, MMF, and the members of ACCORD: APEM, CMPA, CMRRA, SCGC, SODRAC, SOCAN, SPACQ and SAC.) You can read the background on our collective opposition to Bell Media's substantial proposed changes to its licence for Much and M3 by clicking here.

In Broadcasting Decision 2016-14, the CRTC denied Bell's Media application to change the licence conditions associated with its specialty services (including Much and M3).

The Commission noted that Bell Media's application did not provide any evidence to support fast-tracking of any of the proposed changes (spurred on by Let's Talk TV), and furthermore, Bell Media's application did not make a case that these changes would be in the best interests of the broadcasting system (if implemented right away).

Instead, the Commission ruled that these types of changes were best suited to be debated at their next scheduled group licence renewal, which is September 1, 2017.

While the decision did not acknowledge the future of MuchFACT (an important consideration for the independent music industry), CIMA is pleased that the Commission agreed with our recommendation to not allow these changes to be made immediately. 

We believe that a transition period is necessary to allow for a transition period where the Commission can consult stakeholders about what conditions of licence associated with Category A licences may need to be transferred to the Commission’s new Category B licences.


If you have any questions about CIMA's submission or this issue, please contact Lisa Fiorilli, Research & Communications Coordinator at

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