Canada's Independent Music Industry

At CIMA, we believe that music is an incredibly valuable commodity on a social, cultural and commercial level. Music is a renewable and sustainable resource, it’s been proven time and again that music as a commodity can be successfully traded and monetized all over the world.

For over 40 years, CIMA's advocacy work has played a large part in the creation of federal and provincial funding programs for independent music.  These funds help enable the development of new artists, and help build the foundation of a successful independent music industry.

These programs have an impact on all aspects of the Canadian media industry, including film, television, print and digital media and music production.  By investing in these creative industries, millions of dollars in revenue and thousands of job opportunities are created, and in turn improve Canada's economy.

Our members are Canadian owned companies, as well as individuals that are involved in every aspect of the music industry.  They include record producers, record labels, recording studios, management, music video producers and directors, artists and others professionally involved in the sound recording and music video industries.