CIMA Committees

Internal Committees 2020-2021

Board of Directors

For a complete listing of CIMA Board of Directors, please see CIMA Leadership.

Executive Committee

Chaired by the Board of Directors Chair (or next Vice-Chair in the Chair's absence) the Executive Committee meets to assist the President in the daily operations of the Association, as well as to act as a liaison between the Board of the Directors and the staff of the Association.

  • Chair: Tim Potocic, Sonic Unyon Records
  • Past Chair: Lisa Logutenkow, The Orchard
  • Vice-Chair (Equity): David Cox, CLK Creative Works
  • Vice-Chair (Global Affairs): Justin West, Secret City Records
  • Vice-Chair (Government Affairs): Gord Dimitrieff, Aporia Records
  • Vice-Chair (Industry Development): Simon Mortimer-Lamb, Nettwerk Music Group
  • Vice-Chair (Membership Affairs) & Secretary: Shauna de Cartier, Six Shooter Records
  • Treasurer: Kieran Roy, Arts & Crafts

Equity Committee

This is a new committee of the Board, and as such its mandate and definition will be determined by its inaugural members and approved by the Board of Directors.

  • Chair: David Cox, CLK Creative Works

Staff Support: Matthew Badoe

Finance and Audit Committee

Chaired by the Treasurer of the Association, the Finance and Audit Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities with respect to the integrity of the association’s financial statements, reports and financial reporting process. 

  • Chair: Kieran Roy, Arts & Crafts

Staff Support: Kevin Dales

Global Affairs Committee

The Global Affairs committee tracks issues and developments on the international scene such as rights and royalty collection, and how the structure and size of multinational companies and streaming companies impact the independents on a macro scale. This committee is open only to board members who run independent labels. The Chair of this committee is CIMA’s WIN representative.

  • Chair: Justin West, Secret City Records

Government Affairs Committee

This Committee monitors federal and provincial government legislation, regulations, funding programs and regulatory bodies, to establish CIMA’s position on public policy and regulatory issues, and advocates to government on members’ behalf.

CIMA appointed board members of FACTOR, Radio Starmaker, and ReSound are automatic members of this committee.

  • Chair: Gord Dimitrieff, Aporia Records

Industry Development Committee

The Industry Development Committee engages with the business community to solicit sponsorships and develop partnerships with companies who provide goods and services to the music industry. One of the goals of this committee is to develop an Affiliate Program. The Gala committee is a subcommittee of Industry Development.

  • Chair: Simon Mortimer-Lamb, Nettwerk Music Group

Staff Support: Sam Rayner

Gala & Awards Sub-Committee

This Committee provides input to CIMA staff and helps guide the Gala nominations, judging process and strategic goals of the annual event.

  • Chair: TBD

Membership Affairs Committee

The Membership committee is concerned with issues that affect our membership and programs that benefit our members. Subcommittees in this portfolio include: the Nomination committee, which engages members and others in the community to stand for election to the board of CIMA; the Professional Development and Mentorship committee, which will work with CIMA staff to expand upon and design new initiatives in this area; Export Developmentand the By-law Review committee, which is an ad-hoc committee struck on an as-needed basis. The Membership committee will also recommend board appointees under our new board structure that begins after the AGM/election in 2020. Further, this committee will monitor Director participation and attendance. 

  • Chair: Shauna de Cartier, Six Shooter Records

Staff Support: Sam Rayner

Export Development Sub-Committee

The Export Development Committee reviews and recommends candidates for participation in Canadian Blast Showcases and provides strategic advice and input on CIMA’s Music Export Canada programming. The Committee offers its market expertise and knowledge in an effort to help staff determine market priorities and direction for its export planning. The Committee is not tasked with operational issues relating to specific missions; rather it is strategic in its approach. It meets quarterly via teleconference, and on an ad hoc basis via teleconference/email as needed.

  • Chair: Sandy Pandya, Arthaus Music

Staff Support: Trisha Carter; Jenia Schukov

Nominating Sub-Committee

In advance of each Annual General Meeting, the Board shall constitute a Nominating Committee who shall present to the Membership a slate of qualified candidates to serve as Directors.

Prior to the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors shall also appoint a chief scrutineer to oversee the entire election process of filling the vacancies on the Board that year. This chief scrutineer shall be responsible to ensure the vote is done with all measures of fairness expected in the democratic process and shall count and record the results of the vote. The scrutineer appointed shall not be a director who is seeking re-election in that current year.

  • Chair: TBD

Staff Support: Matthew Badoe

Professional Development & Mentorship Sub-Committee

The Professional Development & Mentorship Committee reviews and provides recommendations towards the implementation and expansion of CIMA’s Professional Development and Mentorship programming.

  • Chair: Chris Moncada, Last Gang Entertainment

Staff Support: Sam Rayner; Jenia Schukov

External Committees

FACTOR Board of Directors

  • Tim Potocic, Sonic Unyon Records
  • Justin West, Secret City Records

Radio Starmaker Board of Directors

  • Shauna de Cartier, Six Shooter Records
  • Chris Moncada, Last Gang Entertainment
  • Simon Mortimer-Lamb, Nettwerk Productions

Connect Music Licensing (formerly AVLA) Board of Directors

  • Jake Gold, The Management Trust

Connect Music Licensing (formerly AVLA) Strategic Operations Committee

  • Jake Gold, The Management Trust

Ontario Media Development Corporation Industry Advisory Committee

Re:Sound Board of Directors

  • Gord Dimitrieff, Aporia Records (Observer)

If you're interested in joining any CIMA Committees, please contact Funding and Operations Coordinator Matt Badoe for more information.