CIMA Committees

Internal Committees

Board of Directors

For a complete listing of CIMA Board of Directors, please see CIMA Leadership.

Executive Committee

Chaired by the Board of Directors Chair (or next Vice-Chair in the Chair’s absence) the Executive Committee meets to assist the President in the daily operations of the Association, as well as to act as a liaison between the Board of the Directors and the staff of the Association.

  • Chair – Lisa Logutenkow, Dine Alone Records
  • Vice-Chairs:
    • Shauna de Cartier, Six Shooter Records (Past Chair)
    • Gord Dimitrieff, Aporia Records (Government Affairs)
    • Tim Potocic, Sonic Unyon (Government Affairs)
    • Justin West, Secret City Records (Global Affairs)
    • Sandy Pandya, Pandyamonium Management (Export Development)
    • Chris Moncada, Last Gang Records (Export Development)
  • Treasurer – Kieran Roy, Arts & Crafts
  • Secretary – Jake Gold, The Management Trust

Finance and Audit Committee

Chaired by the Treasurer of the Association, the Finance and Audit Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities with respect to the integrity of the association’s financial statements, reports and financial reporting process.

  • Kieran Roy, Arts & Crafts
  • Tony Tarleton, Cadence Music
  • Ric Arboit, Nettwerk Productions

Government Affairs Committee

Elected by the Board, the Government Affairs Committee monitors government legislation, regulations, funding programs and regulatory bodies, to establish CIMA’s position on public policy and regulatory issues, and advocates to government on members’ behalf.

  • CHAIR: Shauna de Cartier, Six Shooter Records
  • VICE-CHAIR (GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS): Gord Dimitrieff, Aporia Records
  • Ric Arboit, Nettwerk Productions
  • Justin West, Secret City Records
  • Tony Tarleton, MapleMusic Recordings
  • Pegi Cecconi, Anthem Entertainment Group
  • Kieran Roy, Arts & Crafts
  • Chris Moncada, Last Gang Entertainment
  • Mike Denney, MDM Recordings

Ontario Advisory Committee

  • Rob Lanni, Coalition Music
  • TBA

Gala + Awards Committee

  • TBA

Certification Committee

  • TBA

Talent Selection Committee

Drawn from respected music industry individuals and organizations, the Talent Selection Committee reviews and recommends candidates for participation in Canadian Blast Showcases.

  • Joel C High, Creative Control Los Angeles, CA
  • Shain Shapiro, Sound Diplomacy, London, England
  • Ro Cemm, The Line of Best Fit, Brighton, England
  • Coralie Hummel,  National Events Manager, SOCAN (Membership)
  • James Booth,  Music Director, CBC Radio 3
  • Cam Wright, Promoter, Live Nation, Toronto
  • Benjamin Boles, Music Editor, NOW Magazine
  • Chris Topping, VP, Events & Sp Programming, CARAS
  • Alan Cross, Host, The Secret History of Rock
  • Raina Douris, Music Director & Afternoon Host, Indie88
  • Tiffany Ferguson, Executive Director, Women in Music
  • James Boyle, Executive Director, Halifax Pop Explosion
  • Nadia Elkharadly, Music Editor, Addicted Magazine
  • Tara Di Giuseppe, Music Director, 102.1 The Edge
  • Grant Lawrence, CBC Radio 3
  • Henry Van Den Hoogen, Music Programming Supervisor, Stingray Digital (Galaxie)
  • Greg Curtis, Tooth Blackner Presents
  • Al Joynes, Joyndt Productions
  • Mikey Rishwain Bernard, Festival Booker, M for Montreal
  • Stuart Johnston, President, CIMA (CIMA committee rep – does not participate in selection of artists)
  • Donna Murphy, Vice President Operations, CIMA (CIMA committee rep – does not participate in selection of artists)

External Committees

FACTOR Board of Directors

  • Tim Potocic, Sonic Unyon Records
  • Justin West, Secret City Records

Radio Starmaker Board of Directors

  • Jake Gold, The Management Trust
  • Jim West, Justin Time Records
  • Ric Arboit, Nettwerk Productions

Connect Music Licensing (formerly AVLA) Board of Directors: Stuart Johnston, President, CIMA

Connect Music Licensing (formerly AVLA) Rates Advisory Committee: Stuart Johnston, President, CIMA

Ontario Media Development Corporation Industry Advisory Committee: Stuart Johnston, President, CIMA, Co-Chair

ReSound Board of Directors: Stuart Johnston, President, CIMA