Performing Arts Tax Working Group Provides Comments On International Taxation

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September 11, 2015
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The Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) is a member of the 17 organizations that make up the Performing Arts Tax Working Group.  This group focuses on taxation issues for non-resident performers, specifically regulations 105 and 102. Most recently, this Performing Arts Tax Working Group has submitted recommendations on streamlining R105 to the Ministry of Finance and Canada Revenue Agency.

Last week, the Performing Arts Tax Working Group submitted comments on a Draft Tax Legislative Proposal to the Tax Policy Brand of the Department of Finance. Filed by CAPACOA on behalf of the Performing Arts Tax Working Group, the comments focus on opportunities to improve the administration of R105 and R102. Specifically, in July, the Department of Finance launched a consultation into some of the taxation policy proposals made in the 2015 Federal Budget. Some of these proposals included suggestions on how to implement streamlined procedures for withholding requirements on non-resident employers.  The Performing Arts Tax Working Group is pleased to have another opportunity to provide suggestions and input into the streamlining of withholding practices in taxation.


Read the submission by clicking here.

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