New Year, New Goals: What's Ahead for CIMA in 2014?

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January 8, 2014
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For many, a new year offers an opportunity to set new goals, or renew commitments to old ones. CIMA is no exception to this. Looking forward to 2014, it’s hard not to be excited about where Canada’s domestic industry could go.

Road Ahead

What Happened in 2013?

2013 brought a host of successes for Canada’s domestic industry, as well as a few challenges. While the continued growth of CIMA’s export initiatives and the launch of the Ontario Music Fund helped characterize 2013 as a growth year, new government fees on international touring musicians and CRTC limitations to radio contributions put the full potential of this growth at risk. Curiously however, the ultimate resolution nearly all of these new challenges and opportunities lies in 2014.

2014 will bring exciting new advocacy and export opportunities, which will help Canada's music industry grow.

CIMA is committed to working harder than ever to help grow Canada’s domestic music industry. Here are just a few of our plans for 2014:

A Renewal of our Strategic Plan: Having accomplished much of our three-year strategic plan, CIMA’s board will be meeting this month to discuss a new set of strategic goals for the next several years. These goals will form the foundation of CIMA’s next strategic plan, which will seek to capitalize and expand on the successes of the past three years.


A Commitment to Advocacy: With so much in flux at the government level, CIMA’s continued advocacy for the music industry has never been more important. In the next month alone, the CRTC will be reviewing its approach to tangible benefits and commercial radio policy, which will both play a big role in shaping the financial future of the Canadian domestic music industry. Further, Ontario will be reviewing all of its business tax credits, including the Ontario Sound Recording Tax Credit (OSRTC). Finally, the federal government will be continuing to examine its imposition of new fees for touring artists. CIMA will be at the table for all these discussions, ensuring that governments understand the importance of music to our economic and cultural vibrancy.

Expansion of Export Initiatives: As always, CIMA will continue showcasing Canadian talent world-wide, giving our businesses real opportunities to expand in new markets. 2014 will bring a renewed focus on the US, staring off with a showcase of Canadian talent during Grammy week, as well as Canadian delegations to MIDEM 2014, SXSW and The Great Escape. For more information on how these events will help Canadian music businesses, check out our event page.

Ultimately, all of this is simply a preview of 2014. As the year unfolds, new developments and opportunities are sure to arise. Through it all, CIMA will continue to develop and support a strong and economically stable Canadian independent music industry.

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