CIMA’s New Membership discount WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor)

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June 4, 2018
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We are delighted to announce that CIMA and WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor) have entered into a partnership to provide an exclusive 10% discount to CIMA members.

About WARM:

WARM is a new digital service that allows you to track and monitor music played on the radio all around the world, in real-time.

This lets you optimize social media and radio promotion, enabling geographically targeted tour booking, improving royalty collection and targeting fans and followers in other countries and cities.

WARM is monitoring an impressive collection of +25.000 radio stations in more than 130 countries and has the purpose of giving true transparency to artists/bands, DJs, managers, record labels, PR agencies and, promoters.

Valuable insights

As of today, the website and app provides several features including: accurate real-time data, detailed downloadable reports, clear geographical maps displaying gathered info on radio airplays. The new award-winning tool brings the promise of democratizing the way data on radio plays has been handled so far. WARM is by far the largest radio monitor on the market and it has already had massive attention including feature articles on Music: ally and Forbes.

Get started for free

WARM is the first company to offer monitoring of radio airplay on specific songs on a truly global scale. It delivers information in real time and at a price that any bedroom artist can afford. Using WARM is as simple as buying a subscription, uploading a song and you're good to go. The first song a user uploads is free for the first month and after that the price is just €5 ($7.50 CAD) per song per month or €36 ($54.50 CAD) for a year.

Get started:

To access the discount please contact CIMA’s Membership Services Coordinator Sam Rayner.




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