CIMA Partners With BuzzAngle Music To Launch First-Ever Canadian Indie Music Charts

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September 30, 2015
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Toronto, ON – The Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) and BuzzAngle Music are teaming up to bring the first-ever independent-only music sales and streaming charts to Canada, through the innovative technology of BuzzAngle Music.

Harnessing BuzzAngle Music’s comprehensive music data reporting technology, these new charts, set to launch later this year, will provide real-time, up-to-date data on the performance of releases from Canada’s independent music industry.

Both the new CIMA Top Independent Albums and CIMA Top Independent Songs charts, powered by BuzzAngle Music, will be published on a weekly basis on CIMA’s website ( CIMA and BuzzAngle Music are both proud to note that this is the first time that Canada will have an exclusive chart that puts the spotlight squarely on the strength of Canada’s domestic-owned independent music industry.

“We are extremely excited to partner with BuzzAngle Music, in order to recognize the success of Canada’s independent music industry,” says Stuart Johnston, President of CIMA. “The introduction of this new service this year is a fitting way for CIMA to celebrate its 40th anniversary, and we thank BuzzAngle Music for providing the tools to make this happen. And the fact that CIMA members can access all of BuzzAngle’s data at an exclusive rate further demonstrates this company’s commitment to the Canadian independent music community.”

“There’s an endless amount of data to analyze in BuzzAngle Music’s daily charts, whether you’re an independent artist, label executive, journalist, record store clerk, or just a music fanatic,” said Jim Lidestri, Founder and CEO of Border City Media. “CIMA has been a tremendous organization and everyone involved deserves the timeliest, most specific and most accurate data available to them, so we’re thrilled to partner with them and make that happen for independent music in Canada.”

Furthermore, as part of this new partnership, CIMA members can access BuzzAngle Music's data reporting service at an exclusive discounted rate. This service includes access to daily data from physical and digital sales, audio and video streaming activity, as well as access to terrestrial and satellite airplay data. For more information, please contact CIMA's Membership Services Coordinator, Rosalyn Dennett at


For more information, please contact:


Lisa Fiorilli
Research & Communications Coordinator
Canadian Independent Music Association
416-485-3152, ext. 223 //



Celebrating its 40th year in 2015, CIMA is the not-for-profit national trade association representing the English-language, Canadian-owned sector of the music industry, and is the first organization of its kind in the world. CIMA represents a diverse membership consisting of Canadian-owned companies and their ambassadors, all of whom are involved in every aspect of the music, sound recording and music-related industries. They are exclusively small businesses which include: record producers, record labels, recording studios, managers, agents, licensors, music video producers and directors, creative content owners, artists and others professionally involved in the sound recording industry. CIMA’s mandate is to develop and advocate policies and services that serve to support a strong and economically stable Canadian independent music and sound recording industry, ensuring the long-term development of the sector and to raise the profile of Canadian independent music both in Canada and around the world.




BuzzAngle Music –, the first of a constellation of Border City Media services that will also include BuzzAngle Movies and BuzzAngle Books, provides web and mobile access that give a comprehensive view of music consumption through a series of reports and dashboards, which include analytics on the sales, streaming and airplay activity of albums, songs and artists. This can be further stratified by a multitude of filters, including a specific day/timeframe or a specific geography. Distributor and Label Dashboards will show market share by an individual or a combination of elements (sales, streaming, airplay, etc.) further filtered by timeframe, genre and geography. Border City Media was founded by Jim Lidestri, previously President and Chief Executive Officer of Interliant, Inc., one of the industry’s first application service providers. Interliant provided business applications on an Internet platform, with Jim leading the company from its early stages to over $100M in annual revenues, an $80 million IPO, and a $175 million convertible debt offering.



Media contacts for Border City Media/BuzzAngle Music:

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