CRTC Launches Review For French Language Radio

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July 23, 2015
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The CRTC has issued a notice of consultation for an upcoming proceeding that's of interest to the Canadian music industry: a review of the rules surrounding French-language music (FVM) in the French-language commercial radio sector.

While the proceeding is very specific and narrow in that it exclusively will deal with FVM, the questions that the Commission will be dealing with are of interest to the broader music industry and commercial radio sector.

Specifically, the Commission is seeking to understand the following:

  • Develop a picture of the current context of how French-language music is consumed, in addition to trends both in the French language radio system and music industry.
  • Evaluate the impact, effectiveness and continued relevance of the current regulatory framework for FVM and the French-language commercial radio sector.
  • Discover and evaluate potential new measures to support promotion, discoverability, consumption and creation of French-language vocal music.


For more information:

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