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December 17, 2014
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jazzahead! 2015 takes place in Bremen, Germany from April 23-26, 2015 - and CIMA is excited to once again be hosting the Canada StandCheck out some of the outcomes from our 2013 mission to jazzahead! here.

Over the past 10 years, jazzahead! has grown into one of the most important international jazz trade shows and international B2B networking spaces for the jazz community. For this year, jazzahead!’s featured partner will be France.

In some exciting news, jazzahead! has just announced its tenth anniversary program - featuring forty showcases with artists from twenty-one countries.The jazzahead! international juries this year received an unprecedented amount of submissions, to the tune of four hundred and sixty fout=r proposals. This marks a 45% increase over the applications received in 2013 and proposals came from a whopping thirty-sevel countries. CIMA has had the largest number of submissions from Canada to date for the 2015 edition of jazzahead!.

We're excited to see three Canadian artists will be showcasing at jazzahead! through their Overseas Night module. Two of these artists are registered with CIMA's Canada Stand:

  • Marianne Trudel Quintet featuring Ingrid Jensen (Justin Time Records)
  • Myriad3 (Alma Records)

The third Canadian artist booked for a showcase slot is Kellylee Evans, who is represented by International Music Network (USA).

They've organized these 40 showcases into 4 different program modules:

  • French Night: This will take place on opening night (April 23) and will feature eight bands from jazzahead!'s featured partner, France.
  • German Jazz Expo: This will take place on April 24, and presents eight German jazz bands that span from emerging to established artists.
  • Overseas Night: This will also be taking place on April 24, and will be showcasing eight bands from outside of Europe - including three acts from Canada in addition to artists from South Africa and Latin America. The Canadian artists are: Kellylee Evans, Marianne Trudel Quintet featuring Ingrid Jensen, and Myriad 3.
  • The European Jazz Meeting: Taking place on April 25, this will bring together sixteen bands from 15 European countries.

For more information about the Canada Stand, please click here or contact CIMA's Tradeshows Coordinator, Kathy Hahn, at tradeshows@cimamusic.ca or by phone at 416-485-3152, extension 227.


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