Reminder: The Notice and Notice Regime Takes Effect on January 1, 2015

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December 15, 2014
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On January 1, the last component of the Canadian copyright modernization bill (C-11) will be coming into force. The Copyright Modernization Act's final component, the notice and notice regime, comes into effect in the New Year.

We provided the key background on what the notice and notice regime is a few months ago, which you can read by clicking here. In short, this component of C-11 formalizes an existing practice - it requires Internet intermediaries, like Internet service providers, to forward notices from copyright owners to users whose IP address has been identified as the source of possible infringement, and then provide the copyright owner with confirmation that the notice was sent. These notices are then kept on file by the Internet intermediary for at least 6 months (up to a year) in case of possible legal action initiated by the copyright owner.

So as of January 1, Canadian ISPs will start tracking and sending these notices to Canadians whose IP address is associated with alleged illegal downloading activities.

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