Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport: Priorities for 2014

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September 30, 2014
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Late last week, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne issued the mandate letter for the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. In this document, Premier Wynne directs Minister Coteau on the specific priorities that his Ministry should follow for the next year. We are pleased and excited to work alongside Minister Coteau and his staff to help him achieve success for Ontario's music industry.

The overarching theme of his mandate is:

"As Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, you will support festivals and events that build a strong economy and vibrant communities, attract tourists and contribute to job creation. You will continue to measure the contributions of these events and festivals and ensure that all decisions relating to them are supported by sound economic analysis." [Mandate letter]

Specifically, the 2014 priorities for the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport are as follows:

  • Creating a Healthier Ontario through Sport and Recreation
  • Revitalizing Ontario Place
  • Building a Dynamic Business Climate
  • Promoting Culture, Heritage, and Tourism Agencies and Attractions
  • Supporting Community Partnerships and Engagement

Music has an important role to play in all of these priorities, but some of them are geared specifically to the music industry.

Revitalizing Ontario Place: As you already know, the vision for Ontario Place includes a commitment to live music, billed as creating a "live music legacy"

 Building a Dynamic Business Climate: The mandate letter cites the economic potential of the creative industries as a pillar of the province's economy and an excellent job creator. Specifically, the mandate letter urges Minister Coteau to "drive innovation and growth through strategic investments, partnerships and programs, including the Ontario Music Fund and Live Music Strategy. I ask that you continue to work with industry stakeholders to create a competitive and productive sector and to showcase Ontario’s talent and expertise." [Mandate letter]

You can see the full-text of the letter, as well as get more detailed information about the other priorities by clicking here.

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