Update: Re:Sound Releases Fact Sheet On Tariff 8

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August 6, 2014
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While the music community continues to band together through the I Stand For Music campaign (now at over 78 music industry organizations and counting!), Re:Sound is continuing onwards with their application for judicial review of Tariff 8. They announced back on June 16, 2014 that they were moving ahead with filing for a judicial review of the decision, stating that "the decision positions Canada as a significant outlier in the world, and greatly disadvantages the Canadian music industry in the globalized market place."

Re:Sound has also, very helpfully, put together a ReSound - Tariff 8 Fact Sheet detailing the key points to keep in mind when considering their judicial review - what the decision covers (and what it doesn't), why Re:Sound sought a Tariff based on a "greater of" formula, and the steps, among other key points.

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