CIMA Participates in National Study on Music Industry

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April 2, 2014
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Last week, CIMA President Stuart Johnston and Chair Shauna de Cartier of Six Shooter Records had the opportunity to represent the interests of the Canadian independent music industry at the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage (CHPC) in Ottawa. They were able to both give a short presentation, as well as answer questions from the Committee members.

They were joined that day by Bob D’Eith of Music BC and Solange Drouin, of ADISQ.

They were there providing testimony as a part of the committee’s Review of the Canadian Music Industry. This review is ongoing, and several key industry players have presented testimony on some of the challenges and opportunities they are facing.

In representing the interests of CIMA’s members, Stuart and Shauna presented the following points to the CHPC:

  • Emphasized the economic impact of the independent music industry in Canada.
  • Articulated the access to capital is the number-one issue facing the small-businesses that discover and develop Canadian artists, arguing that governments are important partners in providing the necessary seed capital.
  • Discussed the need for ongoing support for marketing, production and promotion that is necessary to help the domestic, independent businesses companies with the larger multinationals.
  • Presented the argument that government needs to be a partner in enabling the independent music sector to access foreign markets, as well as to provide assistance in production and marketing.
  • Shauna provided the story of Six Shooter Records as a case study in how government-funded initiatives, like FACTOR, are instrumental in creating sustainable Canadian-based infrastructure for a vibrant cultural industries sector in Canada.

Overall, the need for ongoing Canadian support to the independent music sector was reinforced, and we’ll keep an eye on how the Review of the Canadian Music Industry unfolds!

The Committee has extended its sessions in order to be able to hear from a wide range of music industry representatives, and is expected to table a report with recommendations on how to help the music industry by spring or summer.

Follow this link for more information about the committee and the transcripts of the proceedings as they become available.

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