CIMA Synopsis of MIDEM 2013 - See what you missed!

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November 27, 2013
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MIDEM (January 2013), taking place annually in Cannes, France, brings together music industry trendsetters and decision makers from across the globe and remains the place to license and discover music, find options to overcome common challenges, make deals, and keep abreast of industry trends as well as make connections to expand and transform businesses.

  • Canadian Presence: CIMA’s Canada Stand at MIDEM’s served as home base for the 33 registered Canadian companies (38 delegates in total) in attendance. Through the Canadian Blast brand, and in partnership with OMDC, CIMA showcased nine export-ready Canadian acts over two nights, including: Divine Brown, Jesse Labelle, The Balconies, Alejandra Rivera, Ann Vriend, Luke Nocholson, Kinnie Starr, Kim Bingham and Manafest.
  • Marketing & Promotion: CIMA designed and distributed a full-colour, 40-page booklet with company descriptions, photos and showcase information. Postcards and flyers featuring the Canadian Blast showcase schedule were also distributed, and a heavy digital marketing campaign across social media outlets was in place to support all on-site initiatives. A digital sampler featuring all showcasing artists was available for free download, with tracks receiving over almost 1300 combined steams and downloads.
  • Outcomes: In a survey conducted after the event, delegates reported 553 new contacts/leads; 572 meetings and 149 deals finalized or in negotiation (in areas of licensing, distribution, touring & publishing) with a potential value of $2.4 million. 79% of participating companies say MIDEM is important to help make digital contacts and 71% successfully made those contacts.
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