CIMA Weekly Event News: November 20th

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November 20, 2013
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Canadian Blast events

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Each week, CIMA will bring you an update on everything going on with our Canadian Blast showcasing and business opportunities. Whether it's an impending deadline, a new opportunity or new discount, check back each week to ensure that you're staying on top of all the opportunities that come with CIMA membership. 




SXSW: CIMA Discount Ending Soon

SXSW is rapidly approaching and registration will get more expensive by the month. Luckily, CIMA members will continue to get a break on registration costs, even as time marches on. CIMA members have until November 22nd to apply at a discounted rate of $650. After November 22nd, the price will go up to $695, but it will still be cheaper than the non-member rate.

When it comes to SXSW, it pays to apply early, and go as part of the Canadian Blast initiative.

To apply to SXSW, click here.



MIDEM: Showcasing Opportunities Still Available

CIMA is still accepting applications to showcase at MIDEM 2014, in Cannes, France. MIDEM is one of the premier music events in the world, and showcasing with Canadian Blast can literally give your band global reach, opening doors that would otherwise be unavailable.

The clock is ticking however, so make sure you apply soon. Apply online today.

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