CIMA Welcomes New Executive Team

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November 13, 2013
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At it's November 13th meeting, CIMA’s board staged a series of elections for this year's executive committee. These individuals will be responsible for helping the CIMA staff guide the day-to-day operations of the organization, providing both direction and vision on behalf of the membership.

Shauna de Cartier of Six Shooter Records was re-elected as CIMA’s chair for the next year. Shauna has already served a year in the position, presiding over the implementation of several key initiatives of CIMA’s three-year strategic plan. The chair is the non-executive officer of the association, and presides over all meetings of the Board of Directors and members of CIMA.

Jake Gold (The Management Trust), Ric Arboit (Nettwerk Productions), Jeffrey Remedios (Arts & Crafts Productions) and Lisa Logutenkow (Dine Alone Records) were all elected as CIMA’s Vice-Chairs. Vice-Chairs are responsible for assuming the duties of the Chair in the event of an absence or vacancy, as well as assisting the Chair and the association in other ways, as deemed necessary. The depth of experience these four individuals possess will help ensure that the CIMA executive is well supported.

Gord Dimitrieff of Aporia Records was elected as CIMA’s secretary for the year, coming into the position with several years of experiences on CIMA’s board. The secretary is responsible for keeping the minute books of the association, as well as other documents of relevance to CIMA.

Justin West of Secret City Records has been re-elected as CIMA’s treasurer, and will preside in this position as several changes in the music funding landscape stand to impact the association substantially. The treasure oversees the finances of CIMA, including collection of fees, books of account and more.

Along with past-chair Grant Dexter (MapleMusic), these individuals will form the Executive Committee of CIMA, who meet regularly to assist the President of CIMA with the organization’s daily operations.

To read the biographies of our new executive and board, visit CIMA's Leadership.

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