CIMA Board of Directors : 2023-2026 Nominees

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October 5, 2023

CIMA is pleased to announce the following Board of Directors nominees for the 2023-2026 term.

Incumbency and committee participation within the last three years will be noted for each candidate. Nominees were asked to provide a short mission statement answering: "Why do you wish to sit on CIMA's Board of Directors?".

Voting will take place prior to our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, October 26, 2023. Members unable to join in person will be able to view a livestream of the event. More information coming soon. 

CIMA voting level members (Class A, B & C) are eligible to vote.

Ballots have been sent directly to the main contact email address of all voting class members; if your company hasn't received your ballot OR you would like the ballot to be sent to a different staff member, please contact the Administrative Coordinator, Kaiesha Grey (

Daniela Nardi

Espresso Manifesto Presents

Mission Statement: I am deeply motivated to join the board of directors for the Canadian Independent Music Association. With over three decades of artistic leadership and musicianship, I bring a rich tapestry of experience and expertise to the table. My journey has seen me thrive as a versatile artist, influential manager, and dedicated advocate for the arts.

My track record as Interim Executive Director of the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra and Choir showcases my ability to navigate complex financial landscapes while steering organizations toward innovative horizons. At the 918 Bathurst Centre for Arts, Culture, Media, and Education, I reinvigorated programming through strategic alliances, breathing new life into the venue.

My impact extends globally, having graced renowned stages like Koerner Hall and the Montreal Jazz Festival. This international exposure fuels my vision for the Canadian music scene.

Equally important is my commitment to community enrichment. My contributions to esteemed associations like ISPA and CLMA demonstrate my dedication to elevating the industry. My academic background, coupled with cultural management certifications, equips me to make prudent financial decisions and forge impactful collaborations.

I believe in the power of music to transcend boundaries and uplift spirits. Joining the board would amplify my mission to foster a vibrant and inclusive music landscape in Canada.

Sandy Powlik

Artist Entrepreneur

Mission Statement: I think it's important to give back. I'm based in BC, have 25 years in the pro music industry, many diverse and broad skills, and have done assessments for Music BC, BC Touring Council, WCMA, CMFA, JUNOs, FACTOR, FPCC, Creative BC, and have mentored and consulted, taught music, been to 40 countries, performed on 5 continents. I have always aimed to be a consultant, diplomat, mentor, and international music collaborator. I'm fluent in English, and French and working on Spanish. As well as building connections in LA, Mexico, Spain, the US, the UK, Europe, and less so Germany, Italy, and Japan.

I have lived in Mexico for half the year the past three years (since COVID), was just in Italy (getting photos by a Brazilian photog after my two BC photogs couldn't do the shoot) and am now in Tenerife (fires here too) to connect with (ideally work for) my Mexican music supervisor mentor who lives here and I'm working with a local Urban Latin producer here on a new song. I've also worked in finance, for government, in service, landscaping -- you name it. I think my breadth and depth of experience and skills are something different and of value to any board. My 25 years in professional music (singer, songwriter, acoustic guitar, piano, teacher, self-managed, published, booking, comms, socials, records, hiring etc.) notwithstanding. I think CIMA would be a fantastic board to be a part of and share a voice with and I'd relish hearing the others' voices and opinions. 

Tim Potocic (Incumbent)

Sonic Unyon Records – President

Committee Participation: Executive Committee, Government Affairs Committee, Membership Affairs Committee, Equity Committee, Finance and Audit Committee, Governance Committee

Mission Statement: I have sat as chair for the last two sessions while transitioning CIMA between two presidents. I feel I have a deep institutional knowledge of the organization’s history and future. I want to continue to assist Andrew Cash in leading CIMA to successfully represent the industry.

David Cox (Incumbent)

CLK Creative Works - President / BDRB - co-owner

Committee Participation: Executive Committee, Equity Committee

Mission Statement: I aspire to continue my commitment to the CIMA. Over the past years, I've witnessed the power of collective efforts in nurturing our music industry. I'm seeking re-election and aim to amplify my advocacy for equity-seeking communities. By facilitating inclusive opportunities and amplifying marginalized voices, I intend to ensure that our industry truly reflects the diverse talents it comprises.

Bill Garrett

Willymac Productions

Mission Statement: With over 40 years of experience working within the Canadian music community, I feel I can make a significant contribution to the CIMA Board. 

15 Years - CBC Radio as Producer / Exec Producer 

25 Years – Partner in Borealis Records 

Producer – Over 65 albums produced including JUNO winners Sharon Lois & Bram to most current James Keelaghan and Durham County Poets. 

Board experience: Folk Music International, Mariposa Folk Festival, Canadian Folk Music Awards

Awards: 2018 Estelle Klein Award – FMO 

Justin West (Incumbent)

Secret City Records Inc. – President

Committee Participation: Executive Committee

Mission Statement: Through innovation, forward-thinking, resilience, and passion, indies have always been at the forefront of change and provided an important check on power. As the world evolves with increased complexity, we must remain vigilant in understanding and solving for the competitive disadvantages of the future. I’m passionate about ensuring a level playing field for all and am fiercely dedicated to the protection and development of the global independent music ecosystem. For 10+ years I have served on many boards, including CIMA, ADISQ, FACTOR, SOPROQ, MERLIN, and WIN, and believe that my experience makes me a strong candidate to continue with CIMA.

Ryhna Thompson (Incumbent)

Envision Management & Production - Founder & President

Committee Participation: Membership Affairs Committee, Governance Committee

Mission Statement: For over 20 years, I have been working in the music industry as a business owner, artist manager, producer and label. I have worked closely with dozens of artists, a range of creative industries and in an interface with the government to seek pathways to make long-term careers in music viable and competitive on the world stage. I place a great focus on remaining authentic while innovating and making visions realities. This year I was a recipient of the Women in Music Trailblazer Award.

I am highly motivated to give back to the Canadian music industry, an industry in which I have built a career and found community - but especially the sustainability and growth of which I believe is essential for our humanity and the wellbeing of our society. I support the diversification of perspectives on the Board and will bring my lived experience to the table. I have sat on numerous Boards over the years and can genuinely say I have had a very positive experience as a Member of the CIMA Board over the past year. It would be an honour to have the opportunity to contribute to the Board again.

Katrina Lopes (Incumbent)

KL Management

Committee Participation:  Equity Committee

Mission Statement: Through music, we foster community and celebrate culture. Independent music companies are the backbone of the Canadian music industry, shaping the future of the music sector. Our companies nurture creativity and innovation and create economic impact nationwide.

I’m passionate about serving on the board of CIMA as it fosters community, shares knowledge, generates experiences and economic growth opportunities, and has a direct impact on creatives and independent music companies through its advocacy. I currently serve as CIMA's liaison on the ADVANCE (Canada's Black Music Business Collective) board.

I would love to continue to participate and contribute to the CIMA board and support the growth of the independent music sector. I'm specifically interested in the expansion of CIMA’s network and membership to reflect a more diverse and inclusive community and servicing the needs of more of its members. Originally from a small Black community in Nova Scotia, now living in the big city of Toronto I have a passion for connecting people (across provinces, communities, organizations as well as across the street or table) with aligning objectives, values, and ideas. I’d love the opportunity to continue to build capacity and infrastructure within our industry through CIMA, as it engages in important conversations to further the independent music sector and supports the development of globally competitive artists and indie companies.

Simon Mortimer-Lamb (Incumbent)

Nettwerk Music Group Inc. - President & COO

Committee Participation: Executive Committee, Government Affairs Committee

Mission Statement: I wish to continue contributing to the CIMA board by assisting in developing strategies that help our members build successful businesses and artists. With streaming and online, the opportunity is global. It is more important than ever to share knowledge and ideas as impacts will come from domestic policy decisions and global market shifts. These include Canadian funding rules and the implementation of legislation (Bill C-11) through to changes at DSPs on the calculation of artist payouts and the expansion of the "two-sided marketplace".

Melina Amegbleame

Moonshine Music

Mission Statement: I wish to become a part of CIMA's Board of Directors, drawing upon the extensive experience and knowledge I've accumulated during my 10-year tenure in the French music industry, to contribute to a broader understanding of prevailing trends and viewpoints within the realm of Canadian owned independent music. By bridging my international insights with the local landscape, I aim to foster dialogue and reflection that will benefit CIMA and its mission to advance the Canadian music industry.

Anne Vivien

Musique select Inc

Mission Statement: Bring and share our vision of entertainment from the Quebec market with the board and see how we can work more effectively across Canada.


Gord Dimitrieff (Incumbent)

Aporia Records – President

Mission Statement: I have been an entrepreneur in the independent music industry my entire professional career and am a great believer in the global strength of independent rights owners.

I currently sit in CIMA's director seat on the Resound and WIN boards and have been very involved in CIMA's response to the Online Streaming Act. I believe I can make a valuable contribution to CIMA’s governance and strategic direction in the immediate future, particularly with respect to our advocacy work with respect to Artificial Intelligence, equitable remuneration and broadcasting regulations.

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