​Call of Interest: SXSW Sydney, Australia (October 2023)

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August 3, 2023
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Call of Interest: SXSW Sydney, Australia – October 2023

SXSW Sydney is launching this October and our partners in film and tech will be producing a small “Canada House” with the Canadian Consulate in Sydney over 3 days, Oct. 18-20th, during the event.

As it’s the first year, CIMA is in an exploratory mode to see if this may be a viable event to develop in future years. For this year, we’d like to know if any of our business’s are planning to attend and also if you have either applied or been accepted to showcase.

Furthermore, if the event was not on your radar for this year but you have an artist touring Australia at that time and have interest in SX please  indicate that on the form below.

Depending on the participation, there may be some opportunities for a Canadian music presence at Canada House as well.

If you plan to attend this event or may have interest in doing so, please complete the form below.


Learn more about SXSW Sydney: https://sxswsydney.com/

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