CIMA Board of Directors: 2022-25 Nominees

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October 4, 2022
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CIMA is pleased to announce the following Board of Directors nominees for the 2022-2025 term.

Incumbency and committee participation within the last three years will be noted for each candidate. In lieu of bios, nominees were asked to provide a short mission statement answering: "Why do you wish to sit on CIMA's Board of Directors?".

Voting will take place prior to our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, October 27, 2022 on Zoom (3:00 PM to 4:00 PM ET).

CIMA voting level members (Class A, B & C) are eligible to vote.


Ballots have been sent directly to the main contact email address of all voting class members; if your company hasn't received your ballot OR you would like the ballot to be sent to a different staff member, please contact the Administrative Coordinator, Kaiesha Grey (

Félix Brochier

Moonshine - Co-director

Mission Statement: I firmly believe independent music companies are the lifeblood of the music scene and play an essential role in ensuring musical diversity and balancing power dynamics in the cultural ecosystem. Having worked 15 years as an artist manager, event promoter and label manager with and for independent Canadian music companies (Indica Records, Spectra Musique, Secret City Records), including two I founded / co-founded (Moonshine, Shuffle Note), I would love to put my experience at the service of CIMA and help to shape the future of “indies” in Canada.

Meagan Davidson (Incumbent)

Tiny Kingdom Music, Co-Founder

Committee Participation: Government Affairs Committee, Membership Affairs Committee, Equity Committee, Professional Development & Mentorship Committee

Mission Statement: Community is the heartbeat of the Canadian music industry and economy, and I strongly believe to have a healthy community we must continue to amplify the voices and interests of under-represented groups from each corner of our country. As a current member of the CIMA board, I’ve seen the direct success of the organization’s advocacy resulting in the acquisition of funding and programs to develop artists and independent companies globally. I’ve spent the last year, and my first year on the board, learning as much as I can from the current board members, volunteering my time on 4 committees, and working with the board and staff on a new strategic plan that is a representation of the needs of the membership and our music community. Bringing enthusiasm for the growth of the independent music sector in our country, I look forward to continuing this work through another term as an active board member.

Susan de Cartier (Incumbent)

Starfish Entertainment - Founder/President
Committee Participation: Export Development Committee, Finance and Audit Committee, Online Streaming Platform Committee

Mission Statement: As the Founder and President of Starfish Entertainment, I have managed Blue Rodeo for over 30 years and was inducted onto the Music Managers Forum Honour Roll in 2018. I am passionate about helping independent artists and companies create and thrive and I bring that passion and commitment to my position on the CIMA Board as well as to the committees I serve: Digital, Export and Finance. I am honoured to offer my experience and expertise to elevate and expand CIMA’s essential and ever-evolving role as the voice of our independent music community. In addition to the CIMA Board, I have had the privilege of sitting on the Board of Directors at Ontario Creates (10 years) and MMF Canada (20 years).

Gourmet Délice (Incumbent)
Bonsound / Representation and Development
Committee Participation: Government Affairs Committee

Mission Statement: I am running for reelection because I wish to keep on contributing to the betterment of Canada’s music industry ecosystem. Through collaboration between the Directors and CIMA’s staff, and the pooling of our experience and knowledge, I firmly believe that we can bring support and guidance to the organisation’s members, the artists they represent and work with, and their companies. As an industry, we all need to work effectively towards a more equitable, more diverse and stronger music industry, and being part of a Board like CIMA's offers an amazing opportunity to be involved in a serious and concrete way.

Kenton Dobrowolski


Mission Statement: As an independent label founder, my passion for the fair treatment of artists in all facets of the music industry is the guiding principle of my advocacy; the advocacy for equal opportunity, fair compensation and mental health support among all individuals in Canada’s music industry. My experience as a musician, producer, educator, label executive and festival director has exposed me to the issues plaguing the current independent music landscape. I am a constant soundboard for artists’, musicians’, songwriters’, engineers’ and other industry professionals’ pain points, and feel an immense duty to educate and advocate on their behalf.

Jake Gold (Incumbent)

The Management Trust

Committee Participation: Government Affairs Committee, Membership Affairs Committee, Executive Committee, Online Streaming Platform Committee

Mission Statement: I have been a fierce defender of artists rights for 40 years. I sit on the Connect board in the CIMA seat to advocate for independent artists and companies. Having strong management representation on the CIMA board is key to a balanced board. I will continue to fight for ALL artist rights as I have done for The Tragically Hip, amongst others throughout my career.

Katrina Lopes (Incumbent)

KL Management

Committee Participation: Export Development Committee, Equity Committee

Mission Statement: I’d be thrilled to participate and contribute to the CIMA board to support the independent music industry in expanding it’s network and membership to reflect a more diverse and inclusive community. I have a passion for connecting people and would love to continue to be a part of building capacity and infrastructure within our industry, as well as engage in important conversations to help further the independent music sector.

Amanda Rheaume (Incumbent)

Ishkode Records, Vice President

Committee Participation: Government Affairs Committee, Equity Committee

Mission Statement: I believe it is extremely important to have at least one Indigenous record label representative on the CIMA Board of Directors. I believe I will bring a unique and critical perspective to matters that will contribute to the greater whole. I also have learned so much from the board so far, and feel as I have more time under my belt on the Board I can be of greater asset. Miigwetch for your consideration!

Mauricio Ruiz

8 Til Faint, CEO and Founder

Mission Statement: I am unable to colour inside of the lines. My critical thinking wouldn’t allow me to “stay in my lane” and “follow suit.” I have remained fiercely independent in my approach to building and scaling entertainment companies. I’ve built three multi-million-dollar businesses. For me, it’s important that my community can do what I have done, but better. This is why I find it’s imperative to be a part of the CIMA board, so that I can bring that info to the community that I serve. At the end of the day, information is power and my information is for everyone.

Dimitrios Seymour

Dimitrios Management Group, Inc / President

Mission Statement: As the music business is constantly evolving, my mission is to inject CIMA with a fresh perspective from a company that has utilized a global approach for over a decade, and has had a consistent track record for fostering Canadian talent to a level that makes them internationally competitive. My ultimate goal is to be a voice for the underrepresented music hubs that are bustling with talent but often overlooked with industry legislation & support (Ottawa), and to inspire the next generation of Canadian BIPOC managers.

Daniel Turcotte (Incumbent)

Monstercat / Commercial Director

Committee Participation: Export Development Committee, Online Streaming Platform Committee

Mission Statement: For the last eight years, I have played a pivotal role in evolving Monstercat from a start-up to one of the largest electronic record labels in the world. My primary focus has been driving global revenue growth for our roster through innovative digital licensing deals and commercial partnerships. While I oversee a global team, I am actively involved in the Vancouver music industry, and have served on the Board of MusicBC for the last four years as well as CIMA for the last year. I aim to bring a fresh, west coast perspective to the CIMA Board to help modernize how CIMA, the government, and public funds can support the development of globally competitive independents in an increasingly digital, borderless world.

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