CIMA Presents: Ask Me Anything - What to Expect When Joining Our Board 2022

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August 30, 2022
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CIMA Presents: Ask Me Anything - What to Expect When Joining Our Board

Are you interested in joining CIMA’s Board of Directors or curious about the issues affecting the landscape of the Canadian independent music industry that our Board tackles from meeting to meeting? Join CIMA's Meagan Davidson (Tiny Kingdom Music), Gourmet Délice (Bonsound), and Daniel Turcotte (Monstercat) as they discuss their own experiences as first-time Board Members.

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Date: Friday, September 16, 2022 - 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM ET

Cost: FREE!


Meagan Davidson (Tiny Kingdom Music)

Meagan has been an advocate for the Canadian music industry all throughout her career. After starting out in live production, she moved on to the Music BC Industry Association, where she worked to grow the BC music economy through local, domestic, and international development programs for artists and industry. Encouraged by watching the local community bloom over the years, she's dedicated to developing artists and their vision, with an active ear to the ground for new trends and talents. Meagan is currently based in Toronto with her pup Benny.

Gourmet Délice (Bonsound)

Gourmet Délice has been involved for 18 years in the development and promotion of Bonsound, a music company, and the artists it represents. Musician in various bands (1989-2009), he also started Blow the Fuse and helped set up Mucho Gusto Records (re-issue label). Then after a few years at Distribution Fusion III, he co-founded Bonsound in 2004, in Montreal. First a management and booking company, it soon became a record and promotion company, a tour production and concert promotion entity, and now, a publisher. Today, 34 people work there and represent, on various levels, about 50 artists.

Daniel Turcotte (Monstercat)

Daniel Turcotte is a forward-thinking music industry executive with over a decade of experience spanning across record labels, industry associations, and the nonprofit sector. In his eight years at Monstercat, he has played a pivotal role in evolving the label from a start-up to one of the largest indies in Canada. Accountable for the governance of Monstercat IP, licensing frameworks, and sustainable revenue growth, Turcotte has secured deals with major stakeholders such as Spotify, Tencent, NetEase, as well as partnerships with Roblox, Epic Games, and Beat Saber, among others. A staunch advocate for Canadian music, Daniel proudly sits on the boards for both MusicBC and CIMA, where he aims to empower artists and labels from Coast to Coast. 

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