CIMA Board of Directors: 2021-24 Nominees

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October 5, 2021
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CIMA is pleased to announce the following Board of Directors nominees for the 2021-2024 term.

Incumbency and committee participation within the last three years will be noted for each candidate. In lieu of bios, nominees were asked to provide a short mission statement answering: "Why do you wish to sit on CIMA's Board of Directors?".

Voting will take place prior to our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, October 28, 2021 on Zoom (3:00 PM to 4:00 PM ET).

CIMA voting level members (Class A, B & C) are eligible to vote.


Ballots have been sent directly to the main contact email address of all voting class members; if your company hasn't received your ballot OR you would like the ballot to be sent to a different staff member, please contact Funding & Operations Coordinator, Matthew Badoe (

Stu Anderson

Birthday Cake Records

Mission Statement: I'm very passionate and committed to the growth of Canadian artists and the industry. I've spent years on the "front lines" of the domestic and international music business as a concert promoter, booking agent, manager, and now owner of an expanding record label. I would like to represent the voices of my community at CIMA, as well as support and provide guidance to the organization.

Jeff Beaulieu

Hopeful Tragedy Records

Committee Participation: Export Development Committee

Mission Statement: I am a true DIY artist who founded my own record label, publishing company, built my own recording studio and live concert venue in a catholic church in which we also have our offices, merch company and vinyl plant. I manage artists such as Alex Henry Foster, Sef Lemelin and Your Favorite Enemies, for whom we've been nominated for JUNO and ADISQ awards such as album of the year. I think I can bring a great perspective on every aspects of or industry since I covered them all since I started in the industry back in 2006. I recently bought a boutique hotel in Tangier, Morocco.

Fannie Crépin

Supercool Management inc./Musique Bleue

Mission Statement: I thrive on being implicated in political and logistics affairs of the industry. After 2 years on the board of l'ADISQ, i can say i am energized to do more and want to bridge my knowledge of the Canadian and of the Quebec markets. My perspective of the music industry is different than others, coming from a television and sales background, and it brings about original ideas to encourage our beautiful canadian industry. This year, on top of being the president of Supercool Management and developing the project Québéxico, I will also continue my work with Musique Bleue, a promotionnal non-profit organisation founded during COVID that comes up with interesting solutions for the future of our industry. My favorite topics are parity, inclusion, systemic exclusion practices in our grant systems, commercial radios and promoting love for our local music.

Meagan Davidson

Tiny Kingdom Music - Co-Founder

Mission Statement: In the last decade, I’ve had the joy of working in many sectors of the music industry. I started in live production and moved onto the Music BC Industry Association, and now as an artist manager and record label co-founder where I represent a diverse roster of talent both domestically and globally. I also oversee Women In Music - BC with my business partner. Over the years I’ve experienced first-hand what CIMA can do to support the development of both artists and entrepreneurs in our industry. I hope to bring to the board a fresh perspective, passion, and enthusiasm in expanding their advocacy efforts while removing barriers. My goal is to connect the unheard voices of industry and artists with industry in major music markets and create new opportunities to develop as a community. You can learn more about my company Tiny Kingdom here:

Shauna de Cartier (Incumbent)

Six Shooter Records - Founder and President

Committee Participation: Executive Committee, Government Affairs Committee, Export Development Committee, Equity Committee, Membership Committee, Professional Development & Mentorship Committee

Mission Statement: As a longtime champion of the independent music community in Canada, I have been deeply involved in CIMA, leading or serving on nearly all of the organization’s committees, including a 4-year stint as Chair. As an artist manager, label owner, publisher, and festival producer, I have a broad base of expertise and perspectives to bring to the table. This practical experience in the trenches as well as my institutional knowledge of CIMA itself is invaluable in helping to navigate our industry through an increasingly complex music business environment, both domestically and globally. I am keenly interested in our role as advocates for our artists and companies, as well as in mentorship, professional development, and making our industry more accessible to equity and sovereignty seeking communities.

Susan de Cartier

Starfish Entertainment - President and Founder

Mission Statement: As the Founder and President of Starfish Entertainment, I have managed Blue Rodeo for over 30 years and was inducted onto the Music Managers Forum Honour Roll in 2018. CIMA is the voice of our industry and as a new Board member, I offer a fresh perspective and bring a wealth of experience to the role, including Board of Director positions at Ontario Creates (10 years) and MMF Canada (20 years). I am passionate about helping independent artists and companies create and thrive and would be honoured to bring that passion and commitment to the CIMA Board.

Gourmet Délice

Bonsound - Business Development Director

Mission Statement: I'm interested in joining CIMA's Board of Directors to participate in the organization's mandate and vision, bringing along my experience as a member of other boards such as l'ADISQ, MMF Canada and the CDEC, as well as an entrepreneur. In 2004, I co-founded Bonsound, which has been evolving in the label, concerts (booking and promoting), management, promotion and publishing worlds since 2004. It would be an honour to work, and learn, with the other directors to help and try to make the independent Canadian music community a better place, and a thriving one, for individuals, companies and artists.

Jake Gold (Incumbent)

The Management Trust Ltd.

Committee Participation: Executive Committee, Government Affairs Committee, Gala & Awards Committee

Mission Statement: I bring a managers prospective to the CIMA board, as I am purely a manager, with no record company affiliation. I think that the board needs that prospective in order to cover all it's bases. I'm the only person that is only a manager.

Nigel Jenkins

LHM Records - Owner

Mission Statement: I have had the privilege of attending many CIMA-lead trade missions, and of having my artists showcase on Canadian Blast stages. I know first-hand the important work CIMA does to present and promote Canadian artists and companies. I believe I can bring a unique perspective to the board as someone who has built a music business in Atlantic Canada, and who now operates from a rural setting in NL. I am the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of MusicNL, and would bring my previous board experience with MusicNL and other organizations to help serve CIMA and its members.

Sandy Pandya (Incumbent)

ArtHaus Music/Pandyamonium - Founder & Owner

Committee Participation: Export Development Committee, Gala & Awards Committee

Mission Statement: As the owner of ArtHaus/Pandyamonium for the past 25+ years, I've experienced many sides of the music industry and I'm honoured to have served on CIMA for 6 years advocating alongside my fellow board members. As Canadians we know that our artists punch way above their weight on the world stage and I believe CIMA can support our companies to do the same. This begins with accessibility and member engagement. I want to broaden our base, and develop a diverse and inclusive membership that empowers companies at all levels. I will work to modernize the export program so that it serves recipients and managers in a profound way, and am excited to develop new community initiatives opening up major sponsorship opportunities.

Amanda Rheaume (Incumbent)

Ishkode Records

Committee Participation: Government Affairs, Equity Committee

Mission Statement: It has been my honour and true pleasure to sit on CIMA's board for the last year. I am so grateful to all the board members and staff that have welcomed me with open arms. I am currently the only queer Indigenous representative that sits on CIMA's Board of Directors. It is my mission to bring the interests of the Indigenous music community to the many areas that CIMA is working in. I hope to do this specifically through the Equity Committee but also within the larger group. The Indigenous music community is a sovereignty-affirming group and as one of three constitutionally recognized people here in Canada (Indigenous, English, French) I feel it is critical that our specific interests are represented within CIMA. Lastly, as a brand new record label owner/founder, I wish to continue to sit on the board to continue to learn from the other board members and continue to shift industry policies in favour of hard working independent industry professionals and artists.

Kieran Roy (Incumbent)

Arts & Crafts Productions Inc. - President & Co-Owner

Committee Participation: Executive Committee, Finance and Audit Committee

Mission Statement: I would welcome the opportunity to continue serving on CIMA's Board of Directors. I am committed to advocating for the rights of our independent music community and creating new business opportunities both at home and abroad. I bring 20+ years of music industry experience, including 15 years in the independent sector and the perspectives of a record label, music publisher, artist manager, and event producer.

Joanne Setterington

Indoor Recess Inc.

Mission Statement: 25 years of successes and challenges as a leading entrepreneur in public relations and artist management, as well as my work as co-founder of gender parity movement, Across The Board, makes me a strong asset to the CIMA Board. My extensive domestic and international experience with major and indie labels, service providers and artists provides me with great insight of what could be possible for CIMA within the borderless music industry. A clear communicator on behalf of Indoor Recess and our clients, as a board member, I would serve CIMA’s members’ interests with equal clarity.

Tara Shannon

Willow Sound Records - President

Mission Statement: I am an artist entrepreneur and am passionate about supporting independent music creators. My work is focused on empowering indie artists as entrepreneurs and developing their understanding of business fundamentals so they can build a successful and sustainable career in today’s music industry. I believe in the power of community and in the importance of volunteering our time where we can to help elevate the sectors we work in. As the independent industry’s national trade association, I think my experience and skill set could be an asset to CIMA’s mandate, advocacy efforts and business development strategies.

Oko Shio

Hidden Pony Records

Mission Statement: I would like to stay up to date and impact the Canadian music industry on the artist and business side for all people involved including increasing presence of black people on the industry side of our business.

Kesi Smyth (Incumbent)

604 Records - General Manager/HR

Committee Participation: Equity Committee

Mission Statement: I have contributed to the Canadian independent music industry for over 17 years in my role at 604 Records (Vancouver, BC). I currently serve as a committee member with ADVANCE (Canada’s Black music business collective) and as a board member for the Western Canadian Music Alliance. I offer a diverse voice to CIMA, representing from the west coast and bringing a human resources skill set to the table. I endeavor to encourage the organization as well as the wider industry to lead the way for its members in terms of inclusion, equal opportunity, and development.

Iain Taylor (Incumbent)

Cadence Music Group

Committee Participation: Executive Committee, Government Affairs Committee, Equity Committee

Mission Statement: I would like to continue fighting for the independents and contributing to the Board's efforts, especially as we work through the challenges of the ongoing pandemic.

Dan Turcotte

Monstercat - Commercial Director

Mission Statement: With the rise of new media in a digital-first ecosystem, audience consumption habits have drastically changed in favor of emerging platforms. At the center of a record label that is continuously innovating non-traditional revenue streams for its artists, I hope to bring a fresh perspective to the CIMA board. Not only can I offer years of West Coast industry relationships and genre diversity within electronic music, I believe the board needs members who will advocate for how modern music companies are leveraging video games and UGC to compete in the attention economy, as well as those who will challenge traditional funding models in order to support the next generation of creatives.

Jon Weisz

Indie Montreal

Mission Statement: Hi CIMA Team / members, I’ve been working full-time in the Canadian and Québécois music industry for over 15 years. I’m currently the President of Indie Montréal and, both companies that I founded in 2007 and 2018 respectively. I’ve interacted a lot with CIMA in recent years and have participated in tons of CIMA events. In 2018, I founded Les SMAQ, a new association representing independent music venues across the province of Quebec. Les SMAQ venues present over 75% of all music concerts across the province and prior to les SMAQ being founded had no access to public funding and no formal recognition as cultural spaces. We’ve changed that. To my knowledge, we’re the first provincial association of its type in Canada to be formally recognized by all levels of government. The experience has given me a deep appreciation for the long-term vision that industry associations must take in order to support their sector and a will to put the time in to make sure we thrive as an industry. I feel that my knowledge of the sector, the fact that I know the Quebec market like the back of my hand, but especially the crash course I’ve had in advocacy at all levels of government over the last 3+ years put me in a great position to serve on CIMA’s board. Take care all!

Natalia Yanchak

Envision Management & Production

Mission Statement: My start in the Canadian music industry began in college radio in the 90’s, I then joined The Dears, released eight albums and toured the world over. I've panelled at SXSW, NXNE & POP Montreal, juried for FACTOR and JUNOS, co-founded indie label Ting Dun, and am a current board member for POP Montreal. Now at Montreal's Envision Management & Production I handle core financial/administrative functions, manage artists, and am helping establish Envision Records. I bring to the CIMA board a unique Quebec-based perspective that balances the myriad realities of our business with the knowledge of the needs of the artist.

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