Byta: The State of Music Sharing Survey:

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June 25, 2021

Byta ( are conducting an important study into The State of Music Sharing, the advantages and frustrations that exist when sharing digital audio files. All participants will be entered into a prize draw to win aMarshall Stanmore II bluetooth speaker and a pair of Marshall Major IV headphones.

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Time commitment: around 5-12 minutes.

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As individuals who create or work with music, your opinion and experiences are especially important to this project, so thank you in advance for participating. Once our study is completed, you will be invited to download our full report for free. Plus, we will put every participant’s name into a prize draw to win a Marshall speaker and headphones prize pack.

Information on the study:

Byta ( is working in partnership with researcher Dr. John Sullivan (Ph.D. Music Technology, McGill University, Canada), to produce an in-depth study into the current challenges relating to the sharing of digital audio files pre-release within the music ecosystem. As you know digital audio is essential when working with music at every level today, and yet no one has carried out a proper study in the music sharing space.

With up to 60,000 new tracks being reportedly uploaded to streaming services every day, how are musicians and those working within the music ecosystem sharing that music before it is made available to the general public? Our study will investigate the efficiencies and inefficiencies that occur when sharing digital audio files and propose effective methods to work with and protect your music pre and post release.

Thanks so much for being a part of this project.

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