Interested in the Italian Market: Register Now for the Matchmaking Session at Linecheck

Posted on
October 28, 2020

Organized by The Department of Canadian Heritage, Linecheck and the Canadian Embassy in Italy

Date: Tue Nov 17 5:30pm - 8:00pm CET

Limited registrationapply here

Once you are approved, the organizers will reach out with a questionnaire to gather your objectives and match buyers.

In its sixth edition, Linecheck Music Meeting and Festival Milan is both the primary Music Conference in Italy and an international showcase and new music Festival within the framework of the Milano Music Week. 

Italy’s music market is placed amongst the world’s top 10 live markets and top 20 recorded music markets, particularly the latter with constantly growing figures. While in touring and PR circuits it is often considered a marginal market, Italy can be extremely rewarding for you and your artists. If you're willing to spend that extra bit of time and energy you'll discover a country home to world class food, advertising, culture, design, fashion, sights and a dynamic, receptive music market, from mainstream to left field.

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