CIMA Board of Directors: 2019-20 Nominees

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October 15, 2019
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CIMA is pleased to announce the following Board of Directors nominees for the 2019-20 term.

Voting will take place at our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, October 30, 2019, at The Hideout (423 College St) in Toronto.

CIMA voting level members (Class A, B & C) are eligible to vote. 


Advance voting information will also be sent out for those who cannot attend the AGM in person.

Cody Allard - Monstercat

Bio: Cody Allard was born and raised in Toronto but lives in Vancouver. Holding a degree in Biochemistry, he joined Monstercat in 2012 only a year after its inception. Cody is responsible for data-driven strategies and systems that support the digital growth of the company. 

Monstercat is the convergence of a new-age Electronic/Dance record label, tech startup, and media company. Focusing on their brand and community, Monstercat has grown to roughly 50 employees and 15M fans worldwide. Their co-founders, Mike Darlington and Ari Paunonen, are on Forbes 30 Under 30 Music and Billboard Dance Power Players.

Asim "Awesome" Awan - Awesome Music & Management

Bio/e-Speech: Asim “Awesome” Awan is the founder of Awesome Music & Management, a Toronto based company that signs Canadian artists with spectacular voices and talent.  He started his career working with local Canadian Hip Hop and R&B artists including, Saukrates, Jully Black, Glenn Lewis amongst others.  In 2009, Awan became the Co-President of Ultra Records & Publishing in Canada, a position that he continues to hold today.  Asim’s initial success came while he was A&R Consultant at Popular Records from 1997-2002.  Some of the biggest hits included Eiffel65, Darude, ATB.  He later transitioned into the role of International A&R at EMI Music Canada, which he upheld for 6 years.  While at EMI, he refocused the building of Awesome Music as a strong independent imprint within a major label and brought the Petrol lifestyle brand from Australia (managed by INXS longtime manager Chris Murphy) into Canada.  He then went on to sign (multi-platinum artist) Cascada, followed by September (one of Sweden’s greatest exports), and introduced Canadians to the successful Dance Party compilation series. 

Domestically, Awesome Music’s roster consists of Canadian artists, Elise LeGrow, Juno nominated artist Jhyve, Degrassi star and actress Ana Golja, Electronic producer/artist, French Braids, just to name a few.  Awesome Music is focused on exporting Canadian music internationally.  Ultra Records domestic roster consists of multi-platinum act DVBBS, Lucky Rose, Tep No, Adventure Club, Frank Walker, Shawn Hook, Chet Porter, to name a few.  Ultra Records is a global company with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Stockholm, London UK.

Asim “Awesome” Awan has garnered a lot of respect within the Canadian music industry for having strong international contacts and helping secure the release of artists and music in various territories around the world.  He has both moderated and participated in Canadian music panels discussing A&R, artist development, and marketing.  Awan’s success over the years, coupled with experience across a multitude of genres, has earned him several accolades and a respectable position in the music industry.

Pegi Cecconi - SRO Management

Bio: Pegi Cecconi is consultant for SRO Management (home of the Original 360 Deal), one of Canada's leading full service entertainment firms, located in Toronto.

Active in the international and national market for over 30 years, Ms. Cecconi draws upon diverse knowledge and experience in the music industry acquired through her involvement in the publishing, legal affairs, touring, merchandising, management, recording and record and video production fields.

Ms. Cecconi currently sits on the board of directors for CIMA, CMRRA and IDLA and was recently honoured with the MMF’s Brian Chater Pioneer Award, as well as CIMA’s inaugural Brian Chater Leadership Award.

Ariane Charbonneau - Stingray Digital Inc.

Bio: Ariane Charbonneau is a Partnerships and Sponsorships Manager at Stingray. She specializes in Canadian content development and supports emerging artists through the Stingray Rising Stars program she’s been managing for five years.

Ariane completed a Bachelor of Communications from Ottawa University. She has experience as the Digital Content Manager- Show Production Coordinator at Opak Media, working alongside Patrick Watson, Miracle Fortress, Marie-Pierre Arthur, and Xavier Caféine. She also interned at Dare to Care Records working with Coeur de Pirate, amongst other artists. She’s currently a contributor for Stingray’s music blog and member of the Polaris Prize and JUNOS juries.

e-Speech: I am extremely proud to submit my candidacy to CIMA’s board of directors. I strongly believe in CIMA’s mission and objectives that so excellently reflect my own personal values.

I believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion, and in the representation of the French-Canadian independent music sector to ensure long-term cultural development of the Canadian music industry.

Being Franco-Ontarian, and having lived many years in the Ottawa region, I feel that I can bring a new vision to CIMA which now primarily represents the English-language, Canadian-owned sector. In addition to my Franco-Ontarian background on my father’s side, I also have a diverse cultural profile due to my Mexican heritage on my mother’s side. Since my family relocated on an international scale every three years, my upbringing also afforded me cultural, media, and linguistic exposure on a constant basis.

Throughout these formative years, one pillar always remained: that of my cultural identity. I always held fast to the power and beauty of the French language, as my ancestors did before me. My great-great grandfather was honoured by the Governor General for his efforts in protecting the French language in the province of Ontario. My roots are firm, wide-reaching, and intricate.

Today, I represent and highlight the French language through music. I have been a longtime supporter and collaborator of Franco-Ontarian & Montreal-based Alexandre Désilets, another Ottawa native. Through my collaboration with this amazing talent, I won Best Music Website Design in 2015 at the American Independent Music Awards and in 2011 took home Best album Art (jury vote) and Best Music Website Design (public vote).

At Stingray, I decided to initiate the French language version of our Stingray PausePlay series as well as the French language celebrity channels which currently boast a listenership of over 5 million Canadians. This has always been more than simply content programming to me, but rather an avenue through which I could ensure that French-Canadian artists have the visibility they merit.

At Opak Media, I worked on both anglophone and francophone music projects, launching albums in Quebec as well as on an international scale. Through my experience there, I have acquired the skills necessary to oversee album and show production, tour management, artist management, and online promotion.

My music industry knowledge is further heightened by my social media experience. Having navigated social media platforms since their modest beginnings and still today in their ubiquitousness, I understand the obstacles the music industry faces with regards to social media, and the elements required to efficiently promote an artist in today’s 3.0 era. This was exemplified when I had the privilege of winning the coveted Boomerang Awards (usually given to ad agencies) in 2014, for Best Social Media Strategy.

In addition to the experience I have outlined, it is important to note that I am also a certified music publisher, and graduated from the Professional Music Publishers’ Association (Association des professionnels de l’édition musicale-APEM). I have also been invited to the Trebas institute as a guest expert to discuss the process of Artist Management.

I wish to bring my flair for the unique, my passion for music, my love of Canadian content, and my extensive experience in music and digital marketing to CIMA’s board of directors in order to ensure we continue developing and advocating policies and services to support a strong Canadian independent music industry. I hope you are able to perceive my passion and intentions as strongly as I feel them.

Heather Crane - Dine Alone Records

Bio: Heather has been part of the music industry in Canada for over 10 years now, with a deep focus on the independent side of things.  Whether it was during her role at Metalworks Productions Group as Production Supervisor or MDM Recordings as Label and Grant Administrator, or now at Dine Alone Records where she serves as Director of Accounting & Royalties Heather has worked tirelessly to build solid relationships within the community and to put the needs of independent artists first.

Meagan Davidson - Tiny Kingdom Music

Bio: Meagan Davidson is a co-founder of Tiny Kingdom Music, an artist management and administration company based in Vancouver, BC. Splitting her time between Vancouver and Toronto, Meagan represents artists such as FRANKIIE, Haley Blais, and Skye Wallace. Since founding Tiny Kingdom, Meagan has served as a JUNO committee member and FACTOR juror and is an active member of CIMA and MMF.

Meagan has been an advocate for the BC music industry throughout her more than ten-year career. After starting out in live production, she moved to the Music BC Industry Association, where she worked to grow the BC music economy through local, domestic, and international development programs for artists and industry. In addition, Tiny Kingdom Music has been helping artists, managers, and indie labels pursue funding and export opportunities for three years, and also administers the BC chapter for Women in Music.

e-Speech: Community is the heartbeat of the Canadian music industry and economy, and I strongly believe to have a healthy community we must continue to amplify the voices and interests of under-represented groups from each corner of our country. As an active member of CIMA I’ve seen the direct success of the organization’s advocacy resulting in the acquisition of funding and programs to develop artists and independent companies on a global scale. Splitting my time between Vancouver and Toronto gives a unique perspective on the needs of industry and can help bridge the gap from coast to coast. During my time at Music BC I learned a great deal about the political and funding systems in Canada, and hope that I can bring some of this knowledge to the board and help strengthen the foundation of the independent music sector. Through my current work facilitating the Women in Music BC Chapter I can stand behind the importance of education, mentorship and elevating a younger generation of entrepreneurs and artists. I look forward to bringing this enthusiasm to the board and encouraging the positive growth of the independent music sector in our country.

Shauna de Cartier - Six Shooter Records

Bio: Shauna de Cartier founded Six Shooter Records in 2000, a record label and management company who has maintained since inception a steadfast commitment to fostering artistic excellence and to the development of a distinct community of  predominantly Canadian-based artists with international careers.  In 2012, Shauna and her team at Six Shooter founded the Interstellar Rodeo, which had a 3-year run in Winnipeg and just finished its 8th year in Edmonton, AB.  Shauna also plays an active role in the industry.  Shauna has served on the CIMA board for more than a decade, during which time she served four years as Chair. She also sits on the Board of Directors of the Radio Starmaker Fund.

Jake Gold - The Management Trust

Bio: Jake Gold is one of Canada’s most successful artist managers, and for its 6 season run, a judge on the national television hit Canadian Idol. In 1981, Gold started his artist management company, The Management Trust, through which he is best known for his role in establishing and transforming The Tragically Hip into a national icon. Gold currently directs the careers of upcoming act “Common Deer”, and acclaimed pop-rock band The Pursuit of Happiness, as well as music producers Moe Berg, Laurence Currie, Dan Hosh, and Russell Broom.

Gold has been recognized by the annual Canadian Music Industry Awards as Manager of the Year in 1991, 1993 and 1994. In 2009, Gold was elected to the board of CIMA (CIRPA) and recently has been elected again to Vice‐Chairman for CIMA. Jake is also a board member for the MMF (Music Managers Forum) and is the 2013 MMF Honour Roll Award recipient for his lifetime work in the field of Artist Management. He also sits on the music advisory board of the OMDC.

Nigel Jenkins - Laughing Heart Music

Bio: Nigel Jenkins is a graduate of the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University, with a Certificate in Entertainment Law from Osgoode Hall Law School. Nigel is an artist manager and record label owner based in Steady Brook, NL. Through his company, Laughing Heart Music, Nigel has worked with artists like Classified, Heather Rankin, Ben Caplan, Hillsburn, The Lytics, and many others as a manager, label owner, and consultant. Nigel has sat on the boards of the Halifax Pop Explosion Music Festival and the Halifax Urban Folk Festival. He was nominated for the 2019 East Coast Music Award for Artist Manager of the Year and the 2018 Nova Scotia Music Week Artist Manager of the Year Award.

e-Speech: Dear CIMA members,

I own Laughing Heart Music Ltd., a full-service music company founded in 2015 which has grown to include artist management, record label, and music publishing branches. The company was started in Halifax, NS, and is now based in Steady Brook, NL. I have been a member of CIMA since I began working in the music industry.

My formal training is in law. I graduated from Dalhousie in Halifax, NS, and was called to the bar in both NL and NS before transitioning into full-time work in music. During that period, I also received a certificate in entertainment law from Osgoode Hall.

I have had the privilege of attending many CIMA-lead trade missions, and of having my artists showcase on Canadian Blast stages all over the globe. I know first-hand the important work this organization does to present and promote Canadian artists and companies, and to lobby government on our behalf.

I sat on the board of the Halifax Pop Explosion Music Festival and Conference for two years before moving home to NL, and was on the board of the Halifax Urban Folk Festival for a year during the same window of time. I understand the responsibilities and commitments that are required to serve effectively as a director for a mission and purpose driven organization, and am eager to take on those responsibilities in service of CIMA. My travels see me visiting Toronto on a regular basis, and I would make it a priority to attend board meetings in person.

I believe I can bring a unique perspective to the board as someone who has built a music business while living in Atlantic Canada, and who now operates from a rural setting in NL. I understand the unique position of Atlantic Canadian artists when trying to export nationally and internationally, and would hope to represent their interests at a national level on the CIMA board.

During my legal studies I wrote on, and was keenly interested in, issues related to copyright law and intellectual property ownership.

As an independent music company I have a vested interest in the availability, and increases in availability, of government funding to support artists and music companies.

I am also following closely the changes in royalty rates paid out by streaming platforms to rights holders.

As a member of the CIMA board of directors, I would support the organization’s ongoing efforts to support and lobby on behalf of Canadian artists and music businesses using my unique skill set and perspective. I believe my background in law, experience as a music business owner, work with other music organizations as a director, and perspective as an Atlantic Canadian who has lived in big cities and small towns would be assets to the CIMA board.

Thank you very much for considering my nomination, and good luck to all the nominees.

All the best,

Nigel Jenkins

Erin Kinghorn - eEK! Productions

Bio: As an innovative, strategic and success-minded leader, Erin founded eEK! Productions in 2008 with the mission to service and develop the Canadian Music Industry by giving artists and their teams solutions to build their brand and maximize their fanbase through multiple platforms. 

eEK! Productions is top of its field as a marketing and funding administration agencies based in Toronto that services all levels of artists. eEK! Productions clients include Blue Rodeo, Cowboy Junkies, Lee Harvey Osmond, Jim Cuddy, the Trews, and The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer. 

In 2017, Erin with her partners launched Digital Promotions Group, a digital playlist service and US Digital PR company based in Toronto, ON. DPG clients include Serena Ryder, Cowboy Junkies, Young Galaxy and Grand Analog. 

Prior to forming eEK! in Toronto, Erin Kinghorn spent eight years with Vancouver-based Nettwerk Music Group from 2000 to 2008 as Director of Sales and Marketing. There, she worked on albums by Sarah McLachlan, Tiesto, Swollen Members, Great Lake Swimmers, Be Good Tanyas and more. 

Erin is one of the first students of the University of Northern British Columbia which she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts – Political Science and held a seat on the University Senate for 5 years. Erin has also sat on the MusicBC board for 6 years and is a founding member of the Across the Board initiative founded in 2017, promoting 50/50 gender equality on music industry boards by 2020.

e-Speech: Hello, my name is Erin Kinghorn and I am President of eEK! Productions based in Toronto, ON, a traditional and digital marketing company. I am also Managing Partner of Digital Promotions Group which offers playlisting services. I would like to be considered for election to the Canadian Independent Music Association Board. 

I started in the Canadian Music Industry over 20 years ago as a University booker for the University of Northern British Columbia and have held a variety of positions over the years, always in the independent sector. My longest held position prior to eEK! was as the Director of Sales and Marketing for Nettwerk Music Group in Vancouver from 2001 to 2008. Since creating eEK! 11 years ago, I have worked with a number of CIMA’s members. The current eEK! client roster includes Latent Recordings, Starfish Entertainment, Alma Records, Reliant Music, Cadence Music and Hidden Pony Records. Having a broad client base across the country allows me a national perspective that would be valuable to the board. 

eEK! also worked with the CIMA – Canadian Blast SXSW team for over 7 years and it allowed me to not only create a great relationship with the staff but also gain an in depth understanding of both the value of the organization and some of the challenges they face when producing their programming. 

As an entrepreneur I share some of the day to day challenges a large part of the CIMA membership face when trying to develop their businesses. My insights and understanding of these challenges will bring a unique perspective to the board. I would like to explore opportunities for CIMA to support in creating business opportunities along with addressing the mental health issues many are dealing with. 

Finally, I believe there is an opportunity to grow the Affiliate membership base and the services that CIMA provides and my experiences would be valuable in this area. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you consider voting for me at the year’s AGM on October 30, 2019.

Lisa Logutenkow - The Orchard

Bio: Lisa Logutenkow began working with Bedlam Management in 2005 following six years as a tour manager. Less than two years later she took over operations of Dine Alone Records and Bedlam Management, expanding the label’s roster domestically and globally attracting Grammy and JUNO Award-winning talent, including critically acclaimed artists such as Bedouin Soundclash, City and Colour, Alexisonfire, Arkells and many more. Lisa recently decided to further to expand her knowledge of the industry by accepting the role of Vice President of The Orchard’s Canadian office where she focuses on helping Indie labels, artists and managers grow their business, brands and respective artists.

Chris Moncada - Last Gang Records

Bio: Born and raised in Toronto, Chris Moncada (SVP eOne Music/GM Last Gang Records) is a modern-age music industry veteran.  He started in the mailroom at Universal Music Canada, when the recorded music world was on the brink of a massive sea change.  His career path at both Universal and Warner in Canada took him through various stints in marketing, publicity and 360 rights development before joining Last Gang in 2015 to take on the role of General Manager.  After the acquisition of Last Gang by Entertainment One, Chris took on the additional role of SVP at eOne Music, extending his purview across North America.

Evan Newman - Outside Music

Bio: I entered the music business in 2001, spending 4 years at V2 Records Canada working in both A&R and National Publicity. I ventured out on my own to start an independent label Baudelaire, which won NOW Magazine Local Label of the Year in 2006. I have been with Outside Music for 11 years, and have been a co-owner since 2017. Albums released on the Outside Music label have garnered 2 Grammy nominations, 20+ Juno Award nominations to go with 4 Juno Awards, 15 Polaris Prize long list mentions, and most recently, it's first gold record. Along with my label experience, I have also been an artist manager overseeing the careers of Jill Barber, Justin Rutledge, Lydia Persaud, Tami Neilson, Measha Brueggergosman, Matthew Barber, and Aidan Knight.

e-Speech: I'm a white male and in this business, we don't need any more of us in board positions, period. But here I am, running, and I'm doing so because I complain to others on how we as an industry function domestically, and abroad, and change is needed. The past 7 years have been spent focusing on international development for Outside Music, establishing a successful global company. In representing record labels, as well as being a manager, I feel I can be a vital asset in developing strategies for success and sustainability of CIMA and its members.  

Outside Music is a company that supports women, with a roster that is predominantly women supported by a staff that is predominantly women. Our roster is also inclusive to visible minorities, and to those of the LGBTQ2 community.  I plan to utilize my white privilege, and my music industry experience, to provide space and opportunity for those who feel marginalized within the Canadian Independent Music community.

Sandy Pandya - Arthaus Music

Bio: Sandy Pandya paved her own lane in the Canadian music industry, cementing herself as a leader and advancing the careers of the artists she represents. Her passion for music and inability to accept the word “no” supported her affinity for championing underdogs, which afforded her a career spanning over 20 years and counting. Her client list includes, and has included, Serena Ryder, Doc McKinney, Hawksley Workman, Hayden, Tegan and Sara, Dear Rouge and Alejandra Ribera. Currently, she serves as a member of Across The Board, an advocacy movement to pursue gender parity on the boards of directors of organizations that impact the Canadian music industry, and on the Board of Directors for CIMA. Affirming her contributions and achievements to date, Pandya was awarded by the Music Managers Forum with the 2019 Honour Roll Award, and by CIMA, with the 2018 Brian Chater Industry Award.

Kieran Roy - Arts & Crafts

Bio: As President and Co-Owner of Arts & Crafts, Kieran plays a key role in the development of many of Canada's leading independent artists. He is responsible for the overall strategic vision and direction of the company’s record label, music publishing, artist management and events divisions. In addition, he serves as artist manager to Dan Mangan. With almost twenty years of music industry tenure, Roy carries a wealth of knowledge, entrepreneurial experience and a wide professional network. Prior to joining A&C, Kieran spent six years at Sony BMG as an artist marketing manager, and two years before that as a business strategy consultant.

Sherry Sinclaire - Sinclaire Creative Solutions

Bio: Sherry Sinclaire has been working in the Canadian music and entertainment industry for over 25 years, with more than a decade focusing on digital content. For the past four years she has been operating and running her own company, Sinclaire Creative Solutions. Previously working at companies like Bell Media, TELUS, Virgin Records, MCA/Universal Concerts (now Live Nation) and TicketMaster has allowed her to develop relationships throughout the recording, concert, radio, press, television, film, and telecom industries. Sherry's skills in partner management, marketing, promotions, event management, digital content and business strategy; gives her the rare advantage of understanding how the industry works with content partners, product development, legal, and government regulatory bodies. Sherry is passionate about helping independent and developing artists who often benefit from her previous work with global acts such as Taylor Swift, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Janet Jackson and top television brands like HBO Canada, CTV, TSN, Space and Much.

Tyler Tasson - Endemic Marketing

Bio: Tyler Tasson boasts plenty of experience on both sides of the music industry’s bargaining table – which has afforded her a unique perspective on the business. With Endemic Marketing, she’s putting that perspective to work for artists, devising custom-tailored solutions to help propel their careers forward. Endemic’s list of a-la-carte services includes project management, social auditing, digital marketing & advertising, album & tour marketing, and beyond. They’ll also connect clients with trusted freelancers for services such as design, photography, websites, and more. Solutions are specifically catered to each artist, letting creators keep 100% of their earnings and, more importantly, complete control of their art.

e-Speech: Hey! Thanks for considering me for a position on CIMA’s Board of Directors. If we have never met, or if you’ve never heard of me or my company, my name is Tyler, and I am the owner and operator of Endemic Marketing, based out of Toronto. I’ve been working at independent labels for the better part of the last 11 years, and have run Endemic Marketing, my own independent music company, for almost 3 years now.

My goal with creating Endemic Marketing was always to support the independent artist. I spent many years watching signed major label artists getting screwed over through label priority meetings, creative differences with their ‘teams,’ confusing and incorrect accounting, and more, as well as watching unsigned artists struggle with knowing just what steps to take to move a release forward successfully, without giving up all their creative control (or income). Finally, I had an opportunity to do something about it, and along came Endemic Marketing.

I feel thankful every day I get to do the job that I do, and that I get to help the artists I work with achieve goals that they never thought would be possible. This year, I was nominated for a CIMA Marketing Award for my marketing campaign with the Good Lovelies for their last record, Shapeshifters. I was up against two industry behemoths, and felt extremely proud to even see my name on that list. The entire awards night really cemented in my brain what a major difference these wonderful, badass, independent music companies are making within the industry. 

I am already fortunate to be able to give priority to artists who are women, POC, and/or LGBTQ, which is the very least I can do for these underrepresented and marginalized groups. Taking that a step further, I want to be able to extend how much more I can advocate for independent artists, and start to advocate more for the companies that help them, too. I truly want to help keep the independent sector of music thriving, and help everyone – artists, music companies, whomever – successful, and growing year over year. I feel as though I can give a unique perspective to all sides of the industry, having played in bands since my high school years, and having worked at several independent music companies, all culminating to creating and running my very own. 

Thanks again for considering me for this! And I look forward to fighting tooth and nail on your behalf.


Iain Taylor - Cadence Music Group

Bio: Iain Taylor began his career at indie label, Electric Distribution, as Ontario Sales Manager where he helped launch NWA, and Nine Inch Nails in Canada. This led to joining Universal Music Canada where he worked for 20 years in a variety of positions, ultimately as Vice President, Sales & Marketing. Iain joined Maple Music Recordings in 2015 as President & CEO, where they restructured the company and rebranded it as Cadence Music Group, with the intent to broaden the company’s focus on signing and developing artists on a global level. Cadence is home to 4 labels (Open Road Recordings, Physical Presents, Pheromone Recordings and Cadence Music) as well as its distribution company, Fontana North, which represents over 100 independent labels and artists. Iain joined the CIMA Board in 2017 and has served on the Executive as Secretary as well as numerous committees.

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