2019 CIMA Gala Sponsor Spotlight: Slaight Music

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April 25, 2019
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In the lead up to the fifth annual CIMA Celebration & Awards Gala on June 10th, we’re proud to put a spotlight on the organizations that support us and help make the event possible. First up is 2019 Builder Award sponsor, Slaight Music, who has been a key supporter of the CIMA Gala since our inaugural event in 2015.

Slaight Music was started in 2011 with a mandate to support the Canadian music community through a variety of initiatives, and to develop Canadian talent via strategic partnerships with industry peers. They work with artists from across the country and across the musical spectrum, helping to further careers and get great music heard. Slaight also invests in the technology sphere, helping Canadian music entrepreneurs develop the next generation of digital platforms and services, and supports a variety of music-related events, causes and charities.

 Artists supported by Slaight Music include:

  • Moscow Apartment
  • Notifi
  • Sam Drysdale
  • Kayla Diamond
  • Ryan Langdon
  • Washboard Union
  • Jessica Mitchell
  • Ascot Royals
  • Tomi Swick
  • Kim Stockwood

…and many more!

This year, Slaight Music will present the CIMA Builder Award to Kim Cooke of Pheromone Recordings and Revolution Recording Studio. The Builder Award is designed to spotlight outstanding individual(s) (or organizations) who have made a significant, influential and longstanding contribution to the Canadian Independent Music Industry. This award is given to those trailblazers who have earned the industry’s genuine gratitude and respect for paving the way for today’s music professionals to thrive, shaping our love for music while helping to define the Canadian music industry. Watch out for Kim’s winner spotlight coming soon, for more information on his longstanding and influential career!

Find out more about Slaight Music by visiting www.slaightmusic.com.

Tickets are on sale here https://2019cimagala.eventbrite.ca! Join us in celebrating our amazing indie music community at Lithuanian House Banquet Halls on June 10th.

For more information on this year's Gala, as well as previous years, please go here. Alternatively, you can contact CIMA's Program & Marketing Coordinator, Sarah Ferries, at: sarah@cimamusic.ca.

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