Applications Open for CIMA's Business & Showcase Mission to Westway LAB Festival

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December 12, 2018
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CIMA will organize our first ever Showcase and Business mission to Portugal for the 2019 edition of Westway LAB which will take place in Guimarães, Portugal from April 10-13. The mission will include a showcase for Canadian artists, a country focus panel, a Meet the Canadians B2B session and more.

In 2019, Westway LAB will dedicate a Country Focus programme to Canada by showcasing some of its great musical talents and hosting a considerable number of professionals taking part of the PRO Conference and its networking sessions. Westway LAB is the first PRO showcasing event in Portugal, heading into its 6th edition in 2019. Westway works with other European partners like Eurosonic and ETEP, INES and other partners to create a new networking of cooperation to enhance the discovery of artists and the development of the music industry by bringing together key delegates in the national and international areas of artistic creation and professional collaboration.

This mission includes:

CIMA is seeking applications from export-ready Canadian independent companies with international experience. Successful candidates will demonstrate a strong potential to conduct business in Portugal by demonstrating established international recording, touring or publishing activity. This mission is open to both members and non-members, although spaced are limited. This opportunity is open to showcasing artists who must be approved by the conference/festival.

-       Showcasing opportunities for Canadian artists on a focused Canadian evening of music

-       Participation at the Westway LAB Festival and Conference

-       Meet the Canadians B2B session

-       Networking reception at the Ducal Palace

-       Panel opportunities available for Canadian participants

-       Canadian Blast showcase promotion

-       Complimentary Registration & hotel accommodation booked and paid for by the festival for speakers and showcasing artists

-       Complimentary Registration & hotel discounts for other participating companies and professionals

-       A 300 EURO honorarium for each Canadian artist selected to perform

How to Apply:

This mission is open to qualifying CIMA member companies as well as qualifying non-member companies.

Member Rate: $995 Showcase & Business

Member Rate: $595 Business Only

Non-Member Rate: $1295 Showcase & Business

Non-Member Rate: $995 Business Only

CIMA is currently looking for 5-6 showcasing artists who are export-ready. Each artist must be accompanied by a business representative. This opportunity is best suited for businesses that meet the following criteria:

-       Businesses looking to enhance their contacts in Portugal in order to develop and/or further existing relationships. Businesses who do not currently have Portuguese representation. Company representatives in attendance must be able to secure deals on behalf of their artist/roster.

If you meet the criteria outlined above, please submit your applications by clicking on the link below. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, January 15, 2019.

Artist Residency Program:

Every year Westway LAB’s artist residencies bring together four working groups made up of ¾ artist/musicians with four projects from Portugal matched to four international projects, with the goal of songwriting and composing a 30-minute show of entirely new collaborative material to be presented at the Festival on the dates of April 10 & 11. From April 1st until the 10th, groups will commence their creative adventure at the Creation Centre of Candoso in Guimarães. From the four residencies, one of them will be exclusively dedicated to building artistic bridges between Canada and Portugal. The goal of this residency is to give complete freedom to artists to create with absolutely no boundaries, allowing them to expand their inner and outer knowledge in an artistic community context.

Portugese artists will apply through an application form and once they are shortlisted, their profile will be sent to the selected international artists for review and suggested matchups.

Canadian musicians interested in participating in this experience can apply according to the following conditions and criteria:

•       €150 honorarium per participating project

•       Internal transfer

•       Accommodation

•       Meals during the stay

•       Working room and standard experience

•       Standard backline

•       Bands are encouraged to apply but can only have a maximum of two members per band.

If you are interested in submitting your artist/band for this residency please indicate on the form above.

For more information on Westway LAB and the Artist Residency program please visit:

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