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November 2, 2018
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About Nielsen: 

For more than two decades, Nielsen has been the music industry’s trusted source for understanding how fans interact with music across physical and digital platforms and services. From streaming and digital downloads to physical purchases and live events, Nielsen’s data-driven music products and world class research provide deep insights into the trends impacting the industry, providing music business leaders and artists a full picture of market performance.

Subscribe to Nielsen Music’s industry-leading fan data and insights to inform your strategy, and make smarter, more informed decisions to grow your business. CIMA members gain access to an exclusive 20% discount on Nielsen solutions and services. Contact to learn more.  

Nielsen Music's solutions & services: 

Music Connect

Gain access to the award-winning data analysis platform offering a comprehensive view of music streaming, airplay, sales, and social data for your artists, albums, and songs in an easy-to-use web-based tool.

Music Connect Mobile

Tap into the most powerful music data at your fingertips including, streaming, sales, airplay, artists, albums, songs, charts & more.

Music Connect API

Easily customize and integrate industry standard music data into your company’s reporting or analytics interface through Nielsen’s Music Connect API.


Access streaming, sales and airplay data at the national and local-market levels on one screen for a complete overview of music consumption. Realize trends and inform strategy in a solution built for and by radio programmers.

2018 Canada Music 360 Report

From understanding key audiences and how their music consumption habits are shifting, to identifying the best touch points to reach fans for your artist, service or brand, the Canadian Music 360 Report surfaces critical information to help you make smarter, informed business decisions.

To learn more about subscribing to our solutions, or how to purchase fan data and insights, contact

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