June Membership Spotlight: Moonshot Phonographs (Edmonton)

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June 16, 2018
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Moonshot Phonographs

CIMA is excited to feature different members every month to show the important impact these companies have on the Canadian and/or international independent music scenes.

This month’s spotlight is on CIMA's new member Moonshot Phonographs who gave us a glimpse into what makes their company unique. Check it out below!

"Moonshot Phonographs is a Canadian vinyl record pressing plant, the product of a carefully crafted vision. 

1) Celebration of the vinyl revival.

The founder has been a vinyl patron from the age of 3. Actually. He’ll tell you that, after the live performance, vinyl ought to be the best way to listen to music. Records bestow on music the attention and value it deserves.

2) Artist opportunity.

After years of losing ground, record sales return to the musician a lucrative revenue stream. When average profit for the musician on a single record is $15-20, it’s an opportunity not to be missed. At Moonshot, we root for the artists’ success.

3) Supply vacuum

The worst part is seeing a band newly on tour, with no records to sell. The pressing plant bumped their order to the back of the line, or the order was screwed up, or nobody would answer their calls, etc. You can’t get that back, the sales that could have been made.

4) 21st century technology

Fans will stop buying records if they fail to impress. And that happens all too often with the product coming off functioning antiques. The acquisition of a new pressing machine with modern innovation would be the cure. 

These were the things that gave birth to Moonshot. We provide the musician, at any stage of their career, an avenue by which to share high fidelity copies of their music and to create a significant revenue stream. Records are a value-added product for artist and fan alike, and not to be monopolized by those with big-label clout. 

We’re not an island, or planet, unto ourselves. We’re part of an ecosystem, part of a whole. We take pride in knowing we make the whole music scene stronger by being our best, offering our best. When good music is being heard with fidelity and pleasure, and the creator is empowered to continue creating, we’ve done our jobs. 

Moonshot Phonographs handles the whole vinyl experience for you. We have a supply chain that allows us to give you almost anything you want. Our PVC is chosen for being record-perfect and environmentally safe. Only the proven artisans are enlisted for lacquer engineering, stamper forming, and printed packaging. From UPC barcodes to download hosting to shrink-wrapping, we handle it all. The Moonshot facility is where it all comes together. Our high-tech WarmToneTM press makes a perfect record each time, because any deviation in the process is detected and corrected. Careful visual and audio inspection ensures that nothing leaves our plant that doesn’t meet the highest standards. In fact, we’d rather not take an order, than accept an order that we can’t deliver as expected. 

Why Edmonton? Edmonton = music culture. Home to a full array of singers and bands of all genres; studios; training; producers; festivals; gear and merch vendors; venues seating from 80 to 60,000. And Edmonton is no more than a day’s drive from either Vancouver or Winnipeg, and everything in between. Which means that by picking up, rather than shipping your order, you can save a chunk of change. 

Not from the west? No problem. Start your tour in Edmonton, and your vinyl order will be here waiting for you! 

Vinyl is a medium on which to imprint your music. Each order is exciting here at Moonshot, because it represents the hopes and dreams of an artist, as well as a medium to the soul that can live on and on. That means we’ll connect with you as often as you need, because it’s your vision we’re crafting. We don’t make widgets; we make multi-faceted canvases for your art. You’re reaching for the moon. We’re here to help you get there. Give us a call! "






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