Indies Called to Sign Fair Digital Deals Declaration

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April 11, 2018

Our global indie community, through WIN (Worldwide Independent Network), is asking for labels to once again adopt and sign the attached Fair Digital Deals Declaration

The Labels’ Fair Digital Deals Declaration is a commitment by independent record companies around the world to treat their artists fairly in relation to the digital exploitation of artists’ work in recorded music agreements with third parties. 

The WIN Declaration makes it clear that signatory companies will share the benefits of dealing with digital services fairly and clearly with artists and will pay their artists a pro-rata share of un-attributable income. This is to amplify our commitment to fairness and transparency, and to ensure a sustainable economic relationship between the independent recorded music industry and the artists with whom we work.

The first Fair Digital Deals Declaration was launched on 16th July 2014.

The idea was first put forward by WIN in 2014, that practical and public action was required to clarify and amplify independent labels’ commitment to treating artists fairly and transparently. Over 1000 independent labels worldwide signed the declaration in 2014. We had 35 Canadian labels sign in 2014.

CIMA's looking to those signatory labels to reaffirm their pledge, and for many more labels to sign up for the first time.

Full details are here:


We encourage labels to sign the document, let us know that you did, and post it on social media: Examples of social media uses include:

-pictures of company representatives signing the declaration

-pictures of company representatives holding up #FairDigitalDeals cards 

-pictures of signed declarations

-pictures of artists holding up #FairDigitalDeals cards

-videos of artists explaining why they support the declaration

-videos of company representative signing the declaration 

 Please use #FairDigitalDeals, @winformusic and @CIMAmusic75 in all tweets.


Fair Digital Deals Declaration

FAQ Labels' Fair Digital Deals Declaration April 2018 pdf

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