2017 Edition of the Nielsen Music 360 Canada Report is Out

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May 12, 2017
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The 2017 edition of the Nielsen Music 360 Canada Report is out. Now in its fourth year, the report is an in-depth look at music fans in Canada - who they are, how they are engaging/consuming music and how their behaviors are shifting in this evolving environment. Neilson Music is happy to share the highlights from their latest annual report here. Plus, for a limited time only, CIMA MEMBERS get 30% OFF the price of the full report. To receive the CIMA Members discount code please email samr@cimamusic.ca

To purchase the full report, please email paul.shaver@nielsen.com with the code to claim this offer before Friday, June 30th.


Canada Music 360 2017 REPORT HIGHLIGHTS

This is an exciting time for Canadian music as the industry is experiencing tremendous growth at home and around the world. With both new and established music platforms continuing to flourish, there’s never been a more dynamic time to be involved with this business.

Nielsen Music has interviewed over 8,000 Canadian music fans over the past four years – Millennials, streaming music subscribers and festival attendees among them – to identify who they are, their habits, and how their music consumption and spending levels have shifted in this ever-evolving environment. As the industry’s most trusted source for Canadian music consumer insights, Nielsen Music is proud to share these highlights from their latest annual Canada Music 360 report.

Data for this year’s study was collected March 22-28, 2017, among 1,287 Gen Pop consumers ages 18+. Surveys were conducted online, and data was weighted to the Canadian census population based 
on age, gender, region, education and household size.


Canadians are also spending more time listening to music – an average of 32 hours a week, up from 24. Streamers, meanwhile, tend to listen for 44 hours a week – at home, on the move and at work.”

“But despite facing more competition than ever, radio remains strong. 62% of Canadians have listened to music online over the past 12 months (83% of Millennials have done so, too), but radio is the most popular format in a typical week – indeed, AM/FM radio listening in Canada has risen from 61% to 64% in 2017”

“A quarter of Canadians, meanwhile, still listen to music on CDs in a typical week.”

View the full highlighted report here: Nielsen_Music360CanadaReport_2017 Final Highlights 

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