WIN Releases Global Chart Report 2017

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March 20, 2017
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Worldwide Independent Network (WIN), the organisation that represents the interests of the global independent music community, has unveiled a comprehensive new study, which provides the first ever global overview of chart reporting.

Authored by Henriette Heimdal this new report, which is entitled WIN Global Chart Report 2017, uses data provided by WINTEL and the IFPI’s RIN, (including value of market, population of a country, internet penetration and indie/major market share split), alongside information provided by independent music trade associations from 28 different countries around the world including markets such as China, Brazil, South Africa and the US.

The report also provides a detailed breakdown of which charts are available in each country, information on specific rules such as how stream to download ratios are calculated, details about chart entry criteria and what the various national certification award thresholds are.

View full publication here


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