New Program to Highlight CIMA Artists on Canadian FM Radio

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September 13, 2016
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Covering a spectrum from Toronto to Vancouver, artists supported by CIMA members have a new chance to be promoted on Canadian airwaves – having one of their songs specially introduced with a brief story about the artist on two Canadian FM stations.

CIMA is working with Bray & Partners Communications to feature musicians from CIMA member companies (in good standing) on FM 106.5 in Toronto and FM 106.3 in Vancouver this autumn.

Bray & Partners are pleased to be running the “CIMA Independent Artist of the Week” feature on FM 106.5 and FM 106.3 during September and October, 2016.

The radio spotlight will include a title introduction, a brief clip/story about the chosen artist, as well as airplay for the featured song.


Stony Plain's Paul Reddick

CIMA is very excited to be working with Bray & Partners on this great project to call attention to local artists. Music submissions can follow an eclectic format: ranging from roots music, to R&B, to pop.

The first artist to be spotlighted on 106.5 and 106.3 was Paul Reddick from Stony Plain Records.

If you would like to recommend a band or artist to be featured as the CIMA Independent Artist of the Week, please e-mail your proposed song to David Bray. Alternatively, a CD can be forwarded to the mailing address below. (Bray & Partners will only contact selected labels and artists by e-mail.)


Independent Artist of the Week Applications:

David Bray
Bray & Partners Communications
Office: 87 Felicity Drive
Toronto, Ont.
M1H 1E2

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