CIMA Announces Canadian Blast Exporting Missions for 2013-2014

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April 22, 2013
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CIMA's export strategy for Canadian independent music in 2013-2014 has selected a variety of festivals, trade shows and trade missions where our members can develop sales and performance opportunities.

These opportunities lead directly to export agreements between our members and international distributors, agents and buyers - over $4 million in potential deals in 2012.

Canadian Blast is the business development brand under which CIMA promotes Canadian independent music in the US, UK-Europe, South Asia and other emerging markets.

For more information about actual Canadian Blast events underway, please visit the Events page.


Music Cafe (TIFF, Toronto) – September 2013

Building on the momentum of previous years, CIMA is reviewing plans to revive its successful Music Café event, in which it selectively invites key music supervisors/executives to Toronto during the Toronto International Film Festival, to network and engage with our members and the broader industry. CIMA will be exploring potential partnerships to determine the feasibility of reviving this event.

Halifax Pop Explosion (Halifax, NS) – October 2013

HPX is the Halifax Pop Explosion, an international music festival and conference that presents 180 bands in 20 venues over 5-days to over 22,000 fans and industry delegates from around the world. Halifax Pop

Explosion continues to reach a diverse audience and provides considerable exposure for new and innovative talent in genres from hip hop to punk, from folk to indie rock. CIMA will once again participate in HPX through a branded Canadian Blast showcase and a business networking event.

CMW International Marketplace (March 2014)

CIMA is a founding partner and ongoing supporter of the successful International Marketplace at Canadian Music Week. The IMP provides a number of services and a physical space in which international delegates to CMW can hold meetings, meet and network with their global and Canadian peers and colleagues. The IMP enables delegates to host receptions, set up international exhibits and booths, host information panels on their respective territories, and participate in pre-arranged, one-on-one speed dating and matchmaking sessions.


Going forward in 2013-14 and beyond, CIMA will endeavour to find additional markets and business opportunities in the United States. CIMA is looking to expand its presence in Los Angeles and New York, and will explore potential B2B and showcasing opportunities in Nashville and perhaps Chicago. More information and details will follow.

Below are the US-based Canadian Blast opportunities that CIMA will be investing in during 2013-14.

Canada at Hotel Café/Official Residence (April 2013 - March 2014)

An important and increasingly lucrative market for the Canadian independent music sector is Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles continues to be one of the most important cities in the world for the recorded music industry, and indeed the entertainment industry as a whole. When combined with the television and film industry, Los Angeles is one of the key markets for CIMA to target on behalf of its members.

CIMA regularly presents – with industry, and/or government, agencies or other private sector partners – business-to-business events designed to connect CIMA members with music supervisors, directors and producers for the purpose of placing Canadian independent music in film and television productions and electronic games.

CIMA is expanding its Canadian Blast in Los Angeles events in 2013 and beyond. CIMA is providing showcase and targeted B2B initiatives for those Canadian music companies intent on creating business opportunities and to raise their artists’ profiles in Los Angeles. This will be accomplished in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, Canadian Blast Showcases for Canadian export-ready artists at various venues in Los Angeles, such as Hotel Café. CIMA will continue to partner with the LA Consulate to host special showcase opportunities at the Official Residence.

APAP (New York, New York) -- January 2014

APAP|NYC, the annual conference of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters, is the world's largest networking forum and marketplace for performing arts professionals. More than 3,500 presenters, artists, managers, agents and emerging arts leaders from 28 countries convene in New York City for five days of professional development, business deals and exciting performances.

With more than 1,000 showcases produced by artists representing the breadth of performing arts disciplines, genres and formats during APAP|NYC,  New York City plays host to a five-day festival of excerpted performances, works in progress and full length work. Showcases give presenting professionals the most comprehensive opportunity to see artists from around the world perform live in one city and the next day to talk with the artists and their representatives about their work and availability.  Showcases are consistently cited by conference attendees as a top reason to attend APAP|NYC.

CIMA will be exploring the potential opportunities of participating in APAP in 2014, complete with possible future B2B events and targeted showcasing.

A3C (Atlanta, Georgia) – October 2013 (TENTATIVE)

The A3C festival is dedicated to providing quality Hip Hop to fans in Atlanta, the Southeast and beyond. What began in 2005 as a small showcase for independent artists around the country has now evolved into a national platform for established and independent Hip Hop artists alike to perform, network, learn and build. Over half of the festival attendees come from outside of Georgia including abroad and from all sectors of the music industry. A3C is an all ages, family-friendly event and a well-rounded showcase of Hip Hop music and culture. A3C features showcases from more than 200 performing artists from around the world. CIMA participated in A3C 2012 for the first time, organizing a networking reception, a showcase and Canadian participation on an international panel. CIMA is considering a return to A3C in 2013.

CMJ Music Marathon and Conference (New York) – October 2013

Artists, music fans, and industry insiders descend on New York City every fall for the annual CMJ Music Marathon. The festival is an important event for the discovery of new music, with more than 1,300 performers given a chance to shine in over 80 nightclubs and theaters spread across the city. CMJ fills these venues with over 120,000 fans, music industry professionals, college radio tastemakers, bloggers, press, and musicians. Attendees have access to over 80 panels, seminars, Q&As, nighttime parties, meet and greets, mixers, special events and exclusive areas like the Exhibitors’ Loft and Artist Lounge. Approximately 50-60 Canadian bands are selected to showcase from approximately 400 Canadian submissions. CIMA will again organize an industry networking reception as well as a Canadian Blast showcase, building on the momentum of previous years.

Grammy Week at the Los Angeles Consulate (Los Angeles) – February 2014

Starting in 2008, CIMA, with participating partners including the Canadian Consulate in Los Angeles, has sponsored an evening networking/showcasing event acknowledging the Canadian Grammy nominees and Canada’s long-standing involvement at the Grammy. To our knowledge, Canada is the first and only foreign country capitalizing on the Grammy Week opportunity to strategically draw attention and create access to Canadian talent and the music industry.

South by Southwest (Austin, Texas) – March 2013

SXSW, held annually in Austin, Texas is the largest, most influential and most anticipated music festival in North America. SXSW has become a priority destination for the Canadian music industry because it attracts decision-makers and companies from both the USA and key world markets who attend SXSW to do business.

The SXSW festival and conference, features approximately 100-120 bands from Canada. CIMA, with public and private sponsors undertakes a multi-faceted networking and marketing strategy that involves the Canada Stand at the SXSW Trade show, the highly anticipated Canadian Blast BBQ featuring 6 Canadian acts along with a VIP Networking event; and Canada House, approximately 24 acts showcase over three days under the Canadian Blast brand. CIMA works with a team of contractors and volunteers to help to deliver the Canadian Blast initiative.


JazzAhead (Bremen, Germany) – April 2013

This conference has been occurring for nearly a decade in Bremen and bills itself as one of the largest jazz industry gatherings in Europe. It offers a good amount of showcasing, plus a conference and trade show. It's popular for jazz club bookers and festival directors, and is one of the better gateways for jazz, especially contemporary jazz, into Germany and surrounding territories. CIMA is organizing a stand, B2B and showcasing opportunities for our delegates.

New Skool Rules (Rotterdam, Netherlands) – April 2013

This is a relatively new but active hip-hop and urban music conference, that is small but very targeted. It's centered on the Dutch urban community, but offers up international showcasing opportunities and has a good set of panels for the international delegates. This is only one of three dedicated hip-hop events in Europe. It is important to our members within the genre and draws on an international audience. The event can be used to spearhead a release or tour and per capita, Holland is the best market in Europe for hip-hop/Urban music. CIMA is organizing B2B and showcasing opportunities for our Canadian delegates.

The Great Escape (Brighton, England) – May 2013

This is the largest music conference and showcasing opportunity in the UK. It has a conference element alongside showcasing. It pays larger acts to participate and is mainly focused on the live market. There is a small trade show, but its main focus is conference panels and showcasing. It is the UK’s answer to SXSW - drawing industry from throughout Europe for three days of conference, B2B meetings and showcases. CIMA will again be establishing a Canada House and hosting three days of showcasing events, as well as targeted B2B activities and receptions.  In addition, CIMA will be organizing a market intelligence seminar plus networking opportunities for our delegates in London, immediately prior to TGE.

Primavera (Barcelona, Spain) – May 2013

This is the main indie music festival in Spain, with a 'Pro' section involving panels and conference topics.

Primavera is one of the largest gatherings of EU indie industry, comparable to The Great Escape. It has a well-received day conference and opportunities for parties, receptions and B2B gatherings. It also books 200+ bands and CIMA enjoys a strong relationship with the organizers to ensure they get the bookings from adjacent festivals to increase CDN chances of having acts perform. CIMA will be organizing a targeted B2B event for our CDN delegates, working in partnership with other European export offices.

Sonar (Barcelona, Spain) – June 2013 (TENTATIVE)

Sonar is one of the largest and most respected music festivals in Spain. It has been in existence for 20 years and is an established brand in Europe.  In addition to the consumer element, there is a business conference titled Sonar Pro, which is targeted towards dance and electronic companies from across Europe. This is an important festival, as it is well established and its conference is growing. It can structure showcases, program art exhibits, receptions, club nights, panels and other B2B activities.  CIMA is tentatively exploring opportunities to engage Canadian delegates and other global export offices in a reception and ‘meet the experts’ panel.

Reeperhahn Festival and Campus (Hamburg, Germany) – September 2013

Reeperbahn is the fastest growing music conference in Germany.  It has two components:  Reeperbahn Festival and Reeperbahn Campus.  Campus is the largest promoter conference in Germany, featuring a trade fair, about 1,300 delegates and conferences.  Festival is a consumer-centred event staged over a week in Hamburg. CIMA has attended Reeperbahn in 2010, 2011 and 2012 with increasing success. CIMA will again organize and host Canada House, with two-three days of showcasing and B2B opportunities for Canadian artists/companies. As in previous years, the mission will begin with a market intelligence seminar and a B2B networking/matchmaking event in Berlin, immediately prior to the start of Reeperbahn.

Amsterdam Dance Event (Amsterdam, NL) – October 2013

Amsterdam Dance Event is the largest electronic music showcase and conference festival in Europe.  It is focused on DJs, clubs, promotion and licensing and has over 200 concerts around the city.  It is produced by the same organizers of Eurosonic and should be on the calendar for our members in the electronic music community. CIMA will again participate this year and organize a targeted networking event or reception, for our delegates to engage with the international community.

Iceland Airwaves (Reykjavik, Iceland) – October 2013

Iceland Airwaves is an exciting showcasing opportunity for Canadian bands. This is a purely consumer festival with both paid performance and showcase opportunities and is attended by many of Europe’s music tastemakers. It has 500 unofficial music industry delegates, most of which attend with the acts they are representing. Each acts gets at least two plays at the festival, increasing their ability to export at the festival.  CIMA will once again return to conduct a Canadian Blast showcase.

WOMEX (Cardiff, UK) – October 2013

WOMEX is the largest traditional and 'world' music conference in the world, with over 800 delegates. It moves every three years, but was historically in Seville. It features 30-plus official showcases with the opportunity to host an off-venue event. It has a large trade fair in which Provinces and the Canada Council have participated. Last year, CIMA joined with the Canada Council, CINARS and Folquebec in an expanded pavilion. This year, CIMA’s strategies will include showcasing, a reception with our partners and international delegates and a targeted networking event.

MIDEM (Cannes – France) – January 2014

MIDEM is the premier trade show for the independent music in the world and has been a top priority marketplace for CIMA for over 30 years. MIDEM (Marché internationale des disques et d’éditions musicales) is held annually in Cannes, France and provides the greatest measure of exposure for Canadian companies in the world market. MIDEM is important for Canadians and a key component in CIMA’s Export Strategy.

MIDEM attracts the top level of executives, directors and decision makers from the top music companies from 78 countries, including established trading partners and new and emerging markets. It is the highest-attended music industry destination with a delegation representing the greatest number of languages and musical genres. MIDEM offers access to representatives from all facets of every music and entertainment industry sector, and from every level of position and rank.

Sectors in attendance include recording, publishing, physical distribution, digital and technology, trade bodies and collection societies, legal and  intellectual property, artist management, live concert and festival, mobile, television, films, screen-based media, games and advertising, It is the recognized destination for professionals to access ideas and insights and make transactions and connections with the global music community.

CIMA will once again deliver the Canada Stand and related Canadian activities at the 48th edition of MIDEM. The Canada Stand provides strategic support for Canadian companies and organizations looking to increase Canadian exports, expand trade and brand Canada as a key player in the international music marketplace. CIMA will also organize two-three nights of showcasing opportunities for emerging Canadian artists as part of the MIDEM Festival. This provides Canadian independent companies with the opportunity to showcase their acts in front of key international delegates.


Australia Trade Mission: Canada @ BigSound - September 2013

CIMA will be organizing its first trade mission to Australia, one of the key gateway markets for the Australasia music industry. Australia is ranked as the 6th largest market for physical music sales, and 7th largest in terms of digital. In total, it generated almost US$400 million in recorded music sales in 2010, but just as importantly, Australia shares many commonalities with Canadians and Canadian culture, making it an ideal market for our members to exploit and in which to engage.

BIGSOUND draws top national and international industry talent to Brisbane each year, forming a vibrant collection of musicians, buyers and industry experts to create an environment of new music discovery. The three-day BIGSOUND conference program has a substantial reputation around the world for its cutting edge topics and down to earth approach in tackling issues in what is one of the world’s most rapidly changing industries. The ever growing BIGSOUND Live program delivers a unique tastemaker-friendly atmosphere. BIGSOUND Live allows the public seamless access to live and original music throughout the program in a variety of clubs and venues across two nights.

CIMA will bring the inaugural Canadian focus to BIGSOUND in 2013, and will be partnering with the Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR), Sounds Australia and conference organizers to deliver key B2B initiatives, networking, panel representation and showcasing opportunities for our delegates.

Music Matters (Singapore) – May 2013

Music Matters is the flagship conference of the Asia Pacific music industry. It is a conference and showcase event, where the sessions are led by the music business' most influential figures. It is the annual meeting point for decision makers to network and discuss the development, challenges and opportunities of the music industry. CIMA has negotiated a discounted rate for CDN delegates, and will once again host a B2B VIP luncheon with international delegates as well as showcase opportunities.

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