5 Reasons to Take Our “Music in Motion” Export Survey!

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September 6, 2016
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“This Survey’s for You”: Good Reasons to Participate in Our Music in Motion Research Today

1. Help us develop a strategy for maximizing Canada’s music export market. Your input will provide a clearer picture of the actual benefits, threats, opportunities and complexities faced by independent labels, managers and publishers and artist-entrepreneurs as they seek to export independent music to the rest of the world.
2. Contribute your own insights to a music industry report that will inform future government policies, programs and funding initiatives that facilitate Canadian music exports.

Designing federal programs like Trade Routes so that more efficient, customized support is available to Canadian music exporters, for example, will assist the domestic industry to meet the demands of an increasingly global economy.
3. To help you – the independent music sector – expand your businesses abroad by identifying key markets for growth outside of Canada. Social media presents an incredible opportunity to reach greater global audiences, generating more demand for (and interest in) international tours by Canadian artists.

Without adequate support to maintain a music-based export infrastructure, however, many artists will lose their chance to access these markets – as the costs of international touring become substantially higher than those of touring at home.
4. To provide an up-to-date assessment of the current independent music landscape, domestically and abroad. The global music industry has seen a drastic decline in revenues based on traditional album sales. Increasingly, Canadian musicians and music companies must depend on export revenues from sales and live performances to maintain their businesses. In today’s music economy, international expansion is critical to the sustained growth of Canadian independent music businesses.
5. Help CIMA ask for the independent industry to be given the tools it requires to meet rising demand for Canadian music abroad. The Canadian industry is small, but powerful. Our independent businesses must be able to access global audiences (including the United States) in order to achieve their full potential.

An inability to finance touring and other export initiatives – hastened by a lack of appropriate funding tools – will deprive Canadian artists and companies in the independent sector of this all-important opportunity to expand within global markets.



The survey is open until September 23. Takers are eligible to win a VIP Pass to CMW 2017. Click here!

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