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July 20, 2016
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Hyvetown Music is a boutique music publisher focused on building a diversified roster of great talent, and making the publishing experience more transparent.” – Janice Staub, CEO, Hyvetown



Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Hyvetown Music Inc. has a roster of chart-topping artists from every genre of music, including Shawn Hook, Dallas Smith, Three Days Grace, Nickelback, Wes Mack and Paul Rodgers. Hyvetown Music’s primary goal is to be an inclusive, artist-friendly company that promotes top-quality songwriting while ensuring that no one is left behind.

The story of Hyvetown Music begins with Janice Staub discovering a gap in the music publishing market. Until then, Staub had run Yaletown Financial Management, a firm specializing in the representation of entertainers.




When Staub noticed inconsistencies in royalty reporting done for her artists, she knew it directly impacted their income streams. As a result, Staub says “our vision and passion came from wanting a better experience for our clients with more accurate reporting.”

Hyvetown is committed to dealing with artists in the fairest, most open-minded way. Grounded in financial management and client-service, the company offers personalized assistance to help songwriters build their careers and maximize their royalty income potential.

They also cultivate important relationships with managers, labels and other publishing companies, to yield valuable insight that can then be passed along to their clients.


“We are very aware of all sources of royalty income and focus on collecting not only publishing royalties, but record royalties, neighbouring rights and Sound Exchange,” Staub explains. “We see the bigger picture and know how all the pieces fit together.”

Hyvetown’s business strategy is informed by a savvy mixture of micro and macro environmental factors. Staub has worked in the music business most of her career. Consequently, she takes a broad, knowledgeable view of the industry. She leads Hyvetown to “do things better by improving on what is already there”.

Staub is joined in her efforts by a talented, multidisciplinary staff who bring their own range of experiences from different facets of the music industry:
President and Artist Manager, Pierre Tremblay - brings a strong managerial perspective and has worked alongside Billy Talent, Barenaked Ladies, and most recently Shawn Hook and One Bad Son.
Director of Sync and Artist Development, Patrick Zulinov - comes from a major label background and now secures sync placements based on his experience in media and promotion.
The back office, meanwhile, all have business management and accounting pedigrees with specific exposure to music royalty collection, touring and merchandise accounting.



Over the past year, Hyvetown has already racked up an impressive number of accomplishments:

  • Shawn Hook’s "Sound of Your Heart” recently charted at #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart, as well as receiving over 55 million streams on Spotify worldwide. Shawn had three Top 10 hits in Canada from his latest album, Analog Love, and was nominated for both JUNO and MMVA awards this year.
    He also landed multiple sync placements through Rogers, on popular TV shows such as The Bachelor and Young and the Restless. He is now collaborating with some of the world's best songwriters on future music projects.
  • Jeff Johnson, Wes Mack and Dallas Smith have been nominated in multiple categories for the upcoming Canadian Country Music Awards in September.
  • Dallas Smith is performing on the ripCORD tour with Keith Urban, while Paul Rodgers is touring with Bad Company
  • New releases from Jessta James and Austin John
  • Joey Moi has produced, mixed and engineered the latest Florida Georgia Line album, Dig Your Roots, set for release August 26th
  • New Electric landed a Top 20 pop radio single with “Life’s What You Make It”

We congratulate Hyvetown on all their latest successes, and look forward to seeing what new musical ground they can cover in the months and years ahead!


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