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July 19, 2021
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August 1, 2021

Outside Music

Location: Toronto, ON

Outside Music
Outside Music Inc. is an independent record company that comprises two labels with rosters of award-winning artists, and a management company.

The Outside Music label was formed in 2001 in order to release albums by some of the finest Canadian and international artists. Early releases such as The Sadies’ FAVOURITE COLOURS, The Super Friendz’ Love Energy, and the Billy Bragg compilation Must I Paint You A Picture built a rock-solid foundation. Since then the label has worked on many successful award-winning releases for artists such as Jill Barber, The Weather Station, Rose Cousins, Aidan Knight, Justin Rutledge, Evening Hymns, and more.

The second label, Next Door Records, launched in 2019. The imprint has now grown to support 8 incredible artists: TiKA, Hua Li, Charlotte Cornfield, Ada Lea, The Weather Station, Luka Kuplowsky, Lydia Persaud, and Aidan Knight, earning critical acclaim and accruing over 11 million streams.

Next Door Records strives to be a stalwart of quality, creative ingenuity, and fairness in the Toronto, Canadian, and global music communities. The label is a trusted ally and partner in the artists’ careers, supporting their integrity, ambition, and a desire to better the world through music. With a focus on diversity, Next Door Records brings recognition and representation to under-represented groups in the Canadian creative industry.

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Outside Music continues to flourish with a roster comprised of songwriters making fantastic music, unconstrained by genre or style.

First and foremost, we are fans and unshakeable supporters of the music community.

Great music. Nice people.

Job Description

The Marketing Manager for Outside Music and Next Door Records will have an exciting opportunity to work closely with our incredible artists and contribute creatively to the campaigns and the labels at large. Working as part of a tight-knit team, the Marketing Manager will be responsible for a diverse array of campaigns across the two labels and their rosters.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Work with sales director on new developments and opportunities in the streaming ecosystem and on socials, communicate best practices to our roster and prospective artists, and strengthen our strategic marketing plans and partnerships with our distributors.
  • Create, market, and optimize content for both label channels, creating original content and assisting with creating or editing content for artists where needed, including graphics, video editing, and copywriting. Work with external content creators to ensure assets are to spec and delivered on schedule.
  • Devise content strategy for both label channels and work closely with artists to advise on content strategy for album rollouts, tours, and between-cycle series. Grow audiences for both developing and established artists while preserving the authenticity and organic expression of the artist, cultivating truly engaged fans.
  • Run social media for both label channels, creating and scheduling posts in keeping with each separate audience and tone, and assisting with posting on artist accounts where needed. Manage and update company websites (Squarespace).
  • Implement PPC advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok etc. Analyze data to improve campaign performance and report findings, modify copy and assets accordingly.
  • Implement traditional advertising including print ads, posters, and audio ads for radio, including asset production and scheduling.
  • Allocate marketing budget effectively to maximize reach and efficiency.
  • Build relationships with artists and team members to bring strategic rollouts to life and manage scheduling for deliverables while building trust, managing expectations and communicating effectively.
  • Collaborate with label teams, management, and press to ensure campaign assets are approved, organized, and disseminated.

Key Skills

  • At least one year experience in a digital marketing role, ability to plan and execute campaigns with confidence and autonomy and knowledge of marketing trends
  • Experience in social media management across all platforms and fluent in the ever-changing landscape of social
  • Skilled communicator with experience building relationships
  • Ability to interpret analytics such as campaign performance and sales data and leverage those insights for improved performance
  • Project management - ability to prioritize and execute tasks while mitigating variables and maintaining schedule
  • Strong writing and editing skills, able to adapt to a variety of tones
  • Experience creating and editing content. An eye for design and able to produce tailored ideas in various media. Experience with design and editing software (Adobe Creative Suite)

Additional Requirements

  • Organization and self-directedness, must be able to balance a varied set of tasks and prioritize efficiently
  • Adaptable and comfortable with fast-paced environment and shifting day-to-day
  • Passionate about music, the arts, and supporting artists, working knowledge of the music industry and Canadian market is a major asset
  • Ability to strategize both big-picture, building an artist’s profile across release cycles, and day-to-day, executing detailed campaign rollouts
  • An engaging presenter who is comfortable with public speaking and pitching

Outside Music Inc. is actively engaged in uprooting inequality in Canada’s music industry and staunchly committed to championing artists who have historically been marginalized and excluded. We are dedicated to building community, learning, listening, and acting to dismantle harmful structures. We welcome applicants of all identities to apply.

How to Apply:

Please email resume and cover letter to Cathy Pitt:

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