Membership Levels

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There are two types of membership at CIMA: Voting & Affiliate.

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Voting Membership

Voting memberships are available to any Canadian-owned and controlled company directly involved in the creation, production and distribution of music. This includes labels, management companies, distributors, studio owners, and producers.

Voting members are eligible to vote for and serve on the board of directors, sit on CIMA committees, and participate in the member benefits programs.

There are three levels of voting memberships, based on the gross revenue:

  • Class A: Members with gross revenues more than one million dollars annually (Except distributors, who must join as Class B or C members).
  • Class  B: Members with gross revenues more than $500,000 but less than one million dollars annually, or distributors who have revenues of at least three million dollars annually.
  • Class C: Members with gross revenues less than $500,000 annually, or distributors who have revenues less than three million dollars annually.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate memberships are available to those companies who are not actively involved in the creation, production, or distribution of music, but may play a variety of roles in the music industry.

Affiliate members are not eligible to participate on CIMA committees or vote for the board of directors, but may take advantage of the member benefits programs.

Affiliate members are often suppliers of services to voting members such as agents, consultants, creative services, lawyers, promoters, publicists and others.

They can also be other associations, collectives and regional music industry associations within Canada and from international locations.

Membership Fees

CIMA Membership fees are due on a yearly basis, on your anniversary of joining the association.

Companies based in Ontario are offered a joint membership to both CIMA and MusicOntario  (CIMA’s provincial organization) at the following rates:

Voting Class A - $2679
Voting Class B - $1077
Voting Class C - $327
Affiliate - $311

Companies based outside of Ontario who wish to join CIMA can join at the following rates:

Class A - $2431
Class B - $912
Class C - $244
Affiliate - $232

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Not sure where you fit in? Contact Sam Rayner at 416-485-3152 ext. 224 He will be happy to answer your questions.

A note to artists:

CIMA is an industry trade association and membership is typically offered to companies who have multiple artists on their roster.

However, we recognize that there are some artists who represent themselves when doing business, both at home and abroad.  If you fit into this category and want to take advantage of the domestic and international opportunities CIMA can offer, we invite you to join as an affiliate member.

If you’re at the beginning or early stage of your career, a better option may be to join your regional music industry association. Click here to find the music industry association in your region.

Are you an artist living in Ontario? Click here to learn more about MusicOntario.