Get Involved

There are multiple ways to get involved with Canadian independent music...

Become a FACTOR Juror

FACTOR is looking for jurors to evaluate submissions. Eligible jurors can be any Canadian citizen or permanent resident with a minimum of five years of experience in the music industry and have been active in the last 2 years. Those interested in applying should visit the FACTOR website

  1. Click the SIGN IN button at the top right-hand corner of the website.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If you do not have a user profile, click CREATE PROFILE.
    • If you have an existing user profile, SIGN IN with your existing credentials.
  3. Once you’ve successfully signed in, navigate to the JURY page from the top menu.
  4. This will take to you a juror application form.
  5. Complete the form and when you’re satisfied with the information you’ve provided, click SUBMIT APPLICATION.

If you have any questions about the jury process, feel free to email Jeremy Klaver, Jury Supervisor, at Additional information on the jury process can be found here.