Secret City Records Inc


Secret City is a young Montreal-based independent company that functions as a record label. It was founded with the knowledge that records are changing, and with a desire to embrace their future while preserving the idea of the 'label' as a source of music you (and the artists it houses) can trust. In September 2006, Secret City released Patrick Watson's album, Close to Paradise, which garnered international acclaim and sold over 125,000 albums worldwide. In 2007, Miracle Fortress' album, Five Roses, was released by Secret City (North America) and Rough Trade (Rest of World). After that, Plants and Animals released their epic Secret City debut, Parc Avenue. Since then, Secret City has released albums by such other artists as Daniel Isaiah, Basia Bulat, The Barr Brothers, and Diamond Rings as well as additional albums by the original 3 roster artists.

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