File Under: Music


File Under: Music is an independent record label that was started in 2007 by business woman, Karen Hood. Hood initially started the label as a vehicle to contribute to the independent music community and to mentor independent musicians. Since its humble beginnings, File Under Music has driven the careers of many talented Canadian artists into the international spotlight. In July 2007, File Under Music celebrated the the release of its first album: Dan Mangan's Postcards and Daydreaming. Since that first release, Karen and the label have had the pleasure of unleashing fourteen more releases from some of Canada's most unique and talented artists. In 2011 alone, File Under Music propelled the releases of Kathryn Calder; The Crackling; Graham Wright; In Medias Res; Will Currie & The Country French and Blackie and The Rodeo Kings. With this increasing momentum, there are no plans of slowing down. With the addition of Synchafile, File Under Music's ancillary music placement company, the label has grown from being a small home-based label to being a major contender in the independent music market. File Under Music are focusing their energy on one simple goal: developing talented, hard working artists and ensuring they have everything they need to make a go of it in the global marketplace. “We don’t believe in limitations. No musical genre will be overlooked because good music will always endure and succeed at all levels. Don’t pigeonhole what you do... because we won’t.” ~ Karen Hood, Owner/Founder of File Under Music

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