Miesha & The Spanks

Alternative Hard Rock Indigenous

Miesha & The Spanks offer a dynamic mixture of punk, garage, and hard rock embellished with straightforward lyrics, gritty production and hard hitting performances. Inspired by proto punk classics like The Runaways, MC5 and The Stooges, and 90s riot grrrl/grunge like L7 and The Gits, M&TS conjure an energy that hits you in the face, throwing you into a world of killer riffs and sweaty gig venues.

Originally a punk rock kid from the East Kootenays, front-woman Miesha Louie started this project a decade ago after moving to big city Calgary, AB. She toured and released like crazy, building momentum and a reputation for her DIY approach, with any drummer up for the challenge. Joined by Sean Hamilton five years ago, he brought big Bonham style that's intuitive like John Freese, always creating the right feel for the song.

Their upcoming release Singles EP is produced by Leeroy Stagger. Expected to reign in M&TS, to clean up the noise for crisp, polished songs, Stagger, visited by the ghost of punk rock past, instead turned it up (way up), and imbued their crunchy mono-guitar sound with extra doses of fuzz and feedback. Expected to get your blood pumping.


Miesha & The Spanks - Wanna Feel Good


Miesha & The Spanks - I Want Fire

Miesha & The Spanks - Wanna Feel Good

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