West Trainz


Erik West Millette’s project, West Trainz, is the fruition of roughly 20 years of travel, exploration and formal work. Above all, it is meant as a tribute to the major transcontinental express trains. Over the years, his pieces have drawn from the train’s « trance-like » effect, blending instrumental composition and concrete railway music.
This cinematic process gives rise to a retro-futuristic multimedia show that presents a poetic vision of the railway world. Trainz also has a visual component that features artifacts collected over the course of the artist’s travels. The project certainly does not have the pretension of ambition of depicting world cultures; rather, it offers a journey through them.


Annick Beauvais

78, boul.St-Joseph Ouest, Montréal (Qc )

438-380-0536 ext 24

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