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Imprimiss is a privately held Canadian music label and music publishing
company under CBCA (Canada Business Corporations Act).

We distribute digital and physical music to digital services and stores,
aggregates, general consumer consumption and other forms globally. Our
company provides music publishing, royalty collections and music catalogue
management. Imprimiss holds and/or has 100% assignment of all rights including
writers portion and facilitate a one stop, single sheet, approvals and clearance
letters for any type of sync licensing, or, general music licensing from our music

Imprimiss provides artist services like audio mixing, audio mastering, producing,
recording and consulting.

Imprimiss is expanding slowly but surely in markets around the world with a
positive view on the music industry.

Distributing through Imprimiss

Imprimiss Out of Country Music Distribution

Imprimiss facilitates music distribution for out of country artists, labels, music and
or music catalogues with a Canadian Publishing-Spline, meaning, the music is
released from a Canadian label and company.

Canada usually plays nice with most countries and in doing so, has proper and
open channels of economic growth and relationships with these countries. Music
royalties, copyrights, and monetary collections on a global level are respected.

There are certain royalties and or rights not recognized for some countries due in
part to not being a part of the Rome or Geneva Conventions Agreements, thus
monetary collections are not paid nor forwarded to writers and or master holders
of the music catalogue. Releasing or publishing music through Imprimiss list the
catalogue as a Canadian product or service and a music artist, song writer or
music masters holder are far more likely to realize their monetary remuneration
on a global level, including from neighboring copyrights collectives.

Sync and General Music Licensing

Imprimiss has most of its music catalogue as 100% ownership and or
assignment of all rights. Some catalogue is 100% rights of use. In some cases
we own all parts including the writers share in order to better serve and protect
the song writers. We own all catalogue masters released through Imprimiss for
life of the track or music published.

In having such a privileged power and trust from our music artists and writers
works, it allows Imprimiss to facilitate a one stop, single clearance letter, for any
type of music licensing on a global level. Geared towards music supervisors,
producers, editors and the film industry. It allows a simple and worry free way to
use in temp cues, or other uses, easy approvals and be confident that there will
be no issues to attain full clearance should it be fully utilized in a production.

This will be soon reflective on our website with a portal page provided to industry
supervisors, music mangers, film producers and editors only.

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Braven Isusius

8987 161 St.
Surrey , BC, Canada

1 (778) 840-3879

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