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Composition, Production, and Licensing Portfolio of Canadian composers: Rose Hastreiter, Gerry Plant, as well as several co-writers and other musicians we work with for screen composition. Also, as a performing artist, we also represent the portfolio of Singer Songwriter Rose Reiter and LEONTY. Scoring for Screen: Drama, RomCom, Sci-Fi, Documentary, Comedy.Music Genres: Rock, Pop, Soft Pop, Soundscapes, Ambient, Electronic, Singer-Songwriter, Adult Contemporary, Jazz, Dance 2016: The Mary Alice Brandon File, Lionsgate & BlackSpear production2017: Leonty album (scheduled for release Summer 2017)2017: The Curtain, Whitehall Production, Directed by Crystal Lo Rose Reiter: 2 solo albums + 8 albums as contributor: vocalist & producer 1999-2016. Contributor to Versailles Records (Nashville) projects 2000 - 2009, Nadia Ackerman (NYC) co-writer on Circus is Back in Town, 2007.

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