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What an artist needs to truly succeedis achampion, a dedicated team who knows the artist beyond the music, and believes in their journey wholeheartedly.902HipHop prides itself on understanding the specific individual needs of each artist they work with.Committingtofull service artist management, 902HipHop’s primary focus is creating one-of-a kind opportunities both nationally and internationally to ensure that potential is maximized for each respectiveartist. The company’s founder,MelissaMacMaster, has gained valuable business management experience from her previous roles working in the Atlantic, Canada entrepreneurial eco-system and start-up community for over7 years as a business development officer and co-founding the Global Youth Innovation Network in Benin, West Africa. Transferring her high calibre skill set to the music industry and successfully managing hip-hop artists Quake Matthews, Thrillah, battle rapper Pat Stay and producer/DJ Matty Gallaxy as well as working with Neon Dreams, City Natives, Kayo, producer duo Chuurch and award winning producer Chris Noxx.902HipHop expertise in artist management has created incredible talent that helps solidify Nova Scotia as a major player in the hip-hop music scene.

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