Bravo Musique

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Béatrice Martin proudly introduces Bravo musique, a new identity and new chapter for Dare To Care and Grosse Boîte, which she acquired in January. The label continues to sustain the careers of artists who are central to its brand, including Émile Bilodeau, Jimmy Hunt and Maude Audet, while also looking towards the future with the signing of Naomi. Fans can now follow the latest news about Bravo on the Web and on social media.

Bravo is a call to celebrate the talent it brings together—artists, employees, and collaborators from a wide variety of backgrounds. The label’s visual identity, designed by Demande spéciale, is timeless and simple, with a vintage flavour reminiscent of the iconic labels that have shaped the modern music industry. “Bravo will take pride in being a vehicle for progress in its industry, by fostering inclusion and empathy, and by respecting its artists, its staff, and their work. I’m glad I can count on several active artists within the label, and I’m proud to work with them,” says Béatrice Martin, Bravo’s president and artistic director. The label’s team will continue to support the artists in every aspect of their careers.


Sabrina Cousineau

Emilie Darveau

Julie Brisson

Emilie Fortin

Sonia Bergeron

Nicolas Martin

Emilie Fournelle

Eric Lemieux

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