International Resource Centre for Performing Artists

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The IRCPA is a service organization for Canada's musicians, producing Workshops and Encounters with Employers or making experts and information available to artists. Our mandate is to connect individual musicians with one another, and with artistic coaches, other professionals, and current leaders in the industry for knowledge exchange, coaching, mentoring and employment opportunities. In fullfilling its mission, the IRCPA, in 2013, identified the need for a place where artists can meet together, exchange ideas, network, gain knowledge, talk shop or be mentored. Since then the IRCPA strives to become a Community Hub assisting musicians to achieve sustainable, fulfilling careers that meet or exceed their goals. It aims to establish and operate a physical centre/hub where artists can rehearse, audition, develop business practices, gain confidence and find professional support. The Centre/Hub will also serve the general public being open to events, after school music lessons, a music reference library, a retail boutique shop where Canadian memorabilia will be available for tourists, as well as a welcoming cafe. Two such centres in New York City are being used as models. Toronto, as an international city and musical hub of Canada, needs a similar Centre/Hub dedicated to the development of professional musicians who are skilled and trained, but may not yet be equipped for the international music industry.

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