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Really Records is based upon the 21st century record label, where the artist is no longer considered a contracted employee, but is a client of an agency. While it works collaboratively with a number of different organizations, it is not constrained by that work which constitutes the work of a label, versus a publisher, versus a creative agency, versus a development company. It is an active participant of the multimedia digital era, so artists are involved in all aspects of their business development, according to the ebbs and flows of the various marketplaces. As the rules continue to be rewritten, Really Records continues to make the necessary adjustments and changes, focusing upon the priorities for maximum benefit. By combining the marketing and communications services of recording companies that developed musical artists, with greater Return on Investment through targeted music distribution, the artists have larger revenue streams, while having the much required promotion and marketing services. Artists hold their own copyrights to their master recordings. As part of 'Really Records', artists have ongoing support service in terms of marketing and public relations. Really Records acts as aggregator, with exclusive distribution through Entertainment One Music in Canada. Non-exclusive distribution agreements and co-distribution agreements are being discussed in France, U.K. and the U.S. Asia and Japan are on the radar.

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