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Manitoba Film and Music exists so Manitoba's film and music industries flourish! MFM supports Manitoba film and music through our objectives, which are to create, stimulate, employ and invest in Manitoba by developing and promoting Manitoba companies, producing and marketing film, television, video and music recording projects as well as to promote Manitoba as a film location for off-shore production companies. MFM is a member of the Association of Film Commissions International (AFCI). Music Recording Production FundThis program is designed to support the production of culturally relevant and commercially viable music recording products by the Manitoba music recording industry. Applicants may apply under one of three different program levels. Music Recording Production Fund For Out-Of-Province ArtistsThis program is designed to encourage non-Manitoban artists to travel to Manitoba and utilize Manitoban recording studios, producers, and/or management. This program is also intended to increase business and experience for Manitoban music recording industry professionals. Record Product Marketing FundThis program is designed to assist in the marketing and promotion of Manitoba music recording products both domestically and abroad. In the past, this has included the manufacturing of merchandise, creation of a website, or development of anEPK. Recording Artist Touring Support ProgramOur Touring Support program is intended to provide Manitoban artists/groups with the opportunity to reach audiences outside of their hometown. This includes traveling across Canada, through the United States, or internationally. Music and Viral Video FundThis program is designed to encourage the production of music and viral videos by the Manitoba recording industry and to support production by the Manitoba Film/Video Industry. In doing so, the Video program seeks to aid in the promotion and marketing of current album projects both nationally and internationally. Music Business Development FundThis program is designed to support culturally relevant and commercially viable music companies in Manitoba by investing in new or expanded business activities. Funding is available for initiatives that are not artist specific, but that are intended to grow the capacity of the companies that contribute to the economic growth and sustainability of the music industry in Manitoba.


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