CIMA at Women in Music Canada Summit 2024

Wed 6th, Thu 7th March 2024
Allied Music Centre (178 Victoria St, Toronto, ON M5B 1T7, Canada)

Women in Music Canada celebrates International Women's Week with a two-day summit from March 6-7 at TD Music Hall, including conversations, workshops, and 1:1 Speed Mentorship opportunities to support your career development and inspiration. Come ask questions, meet others in the industry, and be inspired by our amazing slate of leaders.

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Ticketholders are eligible to:

  • Submit EPKs & Links for a chance to be reviewed
  • Sign up for 1:1 Speed Mentorship Sessions
  • Attend all 10 speaker sessions + The Afterparty!

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CIMA will be presenting two sessions during the Women in Music Canada Summit next week. Learn more about the sessions below.

March 6, 2024 (Day 1)


Taking the Reins: Artist Self-Management

Presented by CIMA

About: The tools for launching your own music career have never been more accessible…but that doesn’t make it any less confusing! What do you need to know to manage yourself? How can you build a team of collaborators and industry professionals on your own? And where does the money come from?

This panels of experts will discuss how artists can bootstrap projects on their own and answer your questions for how to level up.


  • Moderator: Savannah Wellman, Tiny Kingdom Music
  • Witch Prophet, Artist
  • Melissa McMaster, Founder of 902HipHop, JUNOS Rap Advisory Committee Chair
  • Aisha Wickham, Ontario Creates

March 7, 2024 (Day 2)


Global Development Case Studies: USA

Presented by CIMA

About: Developing an artist from local success to international readiness is no easy feat, especially in a global market that is constantly changing and growing. These professionals in artist development and talent booking will share case studies from their experience, highlighting how they helped grow artists to international recognition.


  • Moderator: Helen Britton, CEO & President at Six Shooter Inc
  • Tao-Ming Lao, Founder at Blue Crancy Agency / Agent at Paquin Artists
  • Michelle Szeto, Vice President, Management Division at Loft Entertainment
  • Elizabeth Phipps, Senior Director of Marketing at AWAL

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